Stop Waiting.

Decide commit succeed fitness lifeWe all hold back at times.  Whether it’s a goal in life, a career change, pursuing something we’re interested in, a relationship, or a thousand things in between.  It could be the fear of the unknown that holds us back.  Maybe we’re waiting for the right time.  Maybe we’re waiting for an opportunity.  Whatever the reason is, stop thinking about it and do it.

Opportunities don’t come when the time is right, they come because we make them.  As individuals, we are the creators of our own environment and destiny.  How we perceive life directly reflects what we welcome into our lives and how those things affect who we are.  As a culture have adopted this horrible habit of hesitation.  We create these grandiose visions about doom and gloom if something fails or if it doesn’t go the way we planned and we hesitate at doing something because we are afraid of negative consequences.  Ultimately the biggest error in life isn’t a mistake, it’s failing to take that first step. How many of us have said we wanted to do something and continually repeat it but never get around to doing it?  It’s the people who take the first step and build momentum in their lives who see more opportunity and success.

Stop waiting for perfection.  We’re human and we were born to make mistakes and that’s how we learn.  Perfection is a myth that we need to destroy.  We do things to the best of our ability and with all of our devotion and passion in order to attain something we can be happy about.  So that perfect time, job, body, or relationship will never materialize, we simply hone what we’re given and learn to drive with the best of our abilities.  We need to re-learn to embrace words like: “dirty”, “failure”, and “incomplete” because our lives revolve around them.  Entropy is a natural state where any system will eventually lead to disorder, we will always fail or leave somethings half done, it’s life.  We can’t clean, vacuum, and dust our homes once and assume we’ll never have to do it again right?  Why do we have this mindset for our lives and aim to make things perfect?

2 percent swing leads to happinessTruly living and striving towards fulfillment doesn’t happen with a salary, a fancy car or house, or a perfect relationship.  It happens when we pull up our sleeves and work on it.  There is no easy road to success both in fitness and in life, it doesn’t come in a powder, or a magic pill.  The only road is one that is laden with bumps along the way.  We need to learn to develop, and then direct our passions towards something that we find fulfilling in life.  That is ultimately when things begin to come together and when we begin to look at the different talents and experiences that we have had in our lives and they culminate into who we are today.  So start whatever it is you’re thinking about today.  Make a small choice to being taking action to realizing a goal right now and you’ll realize that success is closer than you ever thought.

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I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.

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