Can’t Stop? Don’t Stop!

If I could, I would work out all day long; Unfortunately, a great portion of my days involves having to put on my big girl pants on and do grown up things instead. Perhaps you can relate?

I’ve either got to go work, or I’ve got to spend the day in school. On top of those, there’s an endless list of errands that need to be completed.┬áBut, just because I’m busy doing other things, it doesn’t mean I can’t keep the fitness going – and so can you!

While you’re out and on the go, keep burning those calories with these simple suggestions!

1. Take The Stairs:
Avoid using the elevator to get from floor to floor. Step it up – and take the stairs 2 at a time!

2. Change Up Your Chair:
Switch out your chair for an exercise ball. You’ll improve your posture, while strengthening your back and core.

3. Go Out of Your Way:
Use bathrooms on other floors or at the opposite side of the building. Hand deliver documents or messages, or have in person meetings instead of using the phone or email.

4. Do the Distance:
Pick parking spots farther away from the entrance of your destination. Kick it up a notch and run from your spot to the door.
At the grocery store? Try using a basket instead, or go out of the way to return your shopping cart.
At the mall? Go window shopping, and try everything on. Or take the long way when you’re walking from store to store.

5. Lunge Around:
You may look crazy, but if there’s no one around – throw some lunges into your walk.

6. Go Green:
If your destination is close enough, keep your car in the garage and walk to work, school or wherever you need to go.

7. Use Your Hands at Home: (even the smallest tasks count)
Try washing dishes by hand, get up to change the channel, or rearrange the furniture. Even folding laundry, putting clothes away, and cleaning up can burn a few extra calories.

8. Workout While You Wait: While you’re waiting in line, waiting for your lunch to cook, waiting at the bus stop – sneak in a workout! Do push ups against the kitchen counter, stand on your tip-toes and do calf raises, push out a few squats, or just try standing on one leg.

Wherever you are in your day, there’s so many little things you can do! Even little things like swinging your arms, fidgeting, wearing stilettos, and laughing will help!

Try and come up with your own on-the-go workouts! Just don’t stand still! Keep moving, and you’ll be well on your way!


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