Steve’s Run Quest and Push-Update

Steve does as many push-ups as he can muster.

Hey Fellow Fit Nerds! Steve here with an update on how my push-up and run quests are coming along.

First, let’s talk push-ups.

I’ve been doing some work with Chris, and on my own, to improve my overall strength and I am seeing results!

I started with barely being able to push myself up without the assistance of my knees and here’s a video taken last week that shows how far I’ve come along:

>>>Steve’s Push-Update #1

Whoo! I’m pretty pumped that I was able to do nine (ish) push-ups!!!

I’m doing circuits of v-sits, push-ups, planks and side planks in the comfort of my own home and then working with Chris to rebuild my core at Blitz. I just need to keep pushing (literally) and my goal is to break the double digits in the next two weeks.

Now let’s provide you with an update on my run quest.

Down and Drity Race Logo

After running 10K a few years back in Banff, I decide to lace the shoes up and start  running again. I want to run 5K at a pace of 7 to 7:30 per kilometre and am using the Running Room’s Learn to Run program to do it. I have worked my way up to running 5 minutes + walking 1 minute x 3 and will run at that pace for the next couple of weeks.

My mission is to to be able to run 10 minutes + walking 1 minute x 2 just in time for the Down & Dirty 5K on August 17. I’ve never run an obstacle course before so I am looking forward to the challenge. Who’s getting dirty with me?!

Next week I am going to talk about flipping the switch on my workouts and my fitness routine/plan moving forward. It’s a combination of activity, movement and cardio that will keep me moving all week.

Stay tuned!

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