Steve’s Fit Quest Update: Injury Recovery

Wazzup Fit Geeks?!

Gawd I miss your e-faces.  It’s amazing how work/life/whatever can just sneak up on you and scuttle any chance of catching up. Thanks to you all for being patient with my little updates.  I pinky-swear, from now on, you will hear from me more often.


So my 90-Day Fit Quest is all but wrapped up. I’ve dealt some crushing blows to the Obese Overlord and I am just waiting to go to Revive Wellness and get my final measurements. Then, I will tell you a tale of how I went from a Chubby Chubberson to a Nerd for Fitness. SO PLEASE STAY TUNED!

I will share one positive result from my quest… Blitz has asked if I would continue to use their soapbox and I would be honoured if you all would continue to tune in to read my stories of nerdy fitness. My fit quest is only just begun  and this overhaul of my lifestyle is something that I hope you all benefit from. If I can motivate just one of you, JUST ONE, to take that first step to Awesometown, then this was more than worth it. I want to hear your stories too and share them. So let’s keep in touch!

But enough jibber-jabber on that, let’s talk about something else.

Sooo…. Remember this?

Hedgehodge's Ankle Before and After

Hedgehodge’s Ankle Before and After

Well now it’s this:












It’s been nine weeks since I injured myself jumping for joy and boy did I do a number on it. The swelling’s gone down and I’m walking with my normal stride of pride. However, It’s killing me that I’m not back to 100 per cent. I mean fuck… how long is it gonna take until I’m flipping tires and running again?

Injury recover is a fickle-fiend because if you don’t do it right the first time, you can reverse all the progress you’ve made. It’s been eons since I was rocking crutches but with one mis-step or ill-timed leap, I’m back to hobbling around on two pieces of metal that irritate my pits.

I’ve turned into the type of person that can’t just sit and do nothing. I’m scared that I am going to relapse and turn back into a lazy lump that’s addicted to fast food.  I can workout but I need to know my limit and stay with in it. That’s my mantra on my road to recovery. I can be active but no matter how good my foot feels, I can’t just dive back in or my food could fall off! I need to take it step-by-step as the new kids say.

It’s great to stay active post-injury. It keep the Grumpasaurus at bay and helps keep you stay in shape. But remember… Take the time your body needs to recover. Give it the rest it deserves. Whenever I take a couple of days off, I always come back stronger and my injured parts feel better. So just sit back, put some ice on it and keep it elevated for how long a professional recommends. Your body will thank you.

And finally, go to a doctor and a physiotherapist for advice. Don’t try and heal yourself. You’re not a mage! I couldn’t do this without the help of Chris or the folks at Propel Physiotherapy. If I was flying solo, the second I’d feel better, I would jump for joy and we would be back to square one again. 

I know that I will go back and read this blog to keep me focused. My ankle once looked like an eggplant and I have no desire make that happen again. I will keep you posted as I mend and soon, we will flip some tires TOGETHER.

So please heed my advice and go to a healer for some HP if something ails you…. Pretty please?!

Until next time fellow fit questers!

Here’s the Fit Question of the week – What advice can you share regarding healing/injury recover? Please post in the comments section below.

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