Steve’s 90 Day Fit Quest UPDATE – Week 9

Previously on Steve’s Fit Quest…

Our quirky crusader was nearly bested by a self-inflicted attack on his ankle.

However with the aid of his fellow Fit Leaguers, our hero was able to move forward and continue his quest against his gnarly nemesis the Obese Overlord.

But who are these daily do-gooders who help others to strive to be their very best?

Here are just a few of their stories:

As the weeks of my fitness quest fly by, I can’t help but take some time to recognize just a few people who kept bolstering my physical fortitude.  A big shout out to my family and friends, but I want to highlight just a few fit nerds and the reasons why these people inspire me. So let’s get started shall we?

Brittany Kustra

A.K.A. The Love Of My Life

First off, I want to say I love this woman and I don’t care who knows it!

Brittany manages to keep an active lifestyle despite being on the mend from tearing the patella tendon in her knee. For those of you who don’t know, the patella tendon connects your knee cap to  your shin bone so in terms of tendons, it’s not a fun one to tear.

She won’t just nudge me out of bed to work out, she will throw on a pair of work out clothes and join the party. She keeps active and inspires others encouraging people, on and offline, to do their best every day.

She is pretty much the best girlfriend/workout buddy I guy could ever ask for <3

Steven (@StevenOsterlund)

A.K.A. The Second Half Of My Dynamic Duo Of #FullFrontalNerdity

Steven is the nerdy ying to my geeky yang. Aside from sharing a mutual passion for #FullFrontalNerdity, he and I are fitness brothers for life.

Although he was once 300 pounds, Mr. Osterlund has shed 73 lbs  since he started his lifestyle change. He keeps active by tackling the devils staircase multiple times a week (IN A WEIGHTED VEST) while still finding the time to play with his children.

Steven inspires me because he makes fitness, family and full frontal nerdity a priority. He is there for his friends and will always try to make time for a work out with them. Thank you Steven!

Sarah (@Luzzara)

A.K.A. The Caffeinated Conquistador of the Fitness League

Sarah’s 90 Day Challenge story was one-of-two that inspired me to get off my a$$ and level up to something incredible.

She is an inspiration because she  highlights the awesome in your life and then shares ideas on how to make it EVEN BETTER! 

For example, Sarah created a Fitness Accountability League that built a fitness community that stays accountable and motivate others. The group is 70 members strong and growing rapidly.

Thanks Sarah for the hugs and the infinite inspiration.

Jen (JenBanksYeg)

A.K.A. The Yummy Fitness Mommy

Jen Banks has another incredible fitness story. Read about it on the Blitz Conditioning blog to see how she cemented her place as one of the yummiest mommies in town!

Like Mr. Osterlund, Jen is a fantastic parent to her two sweet daughters. She will get her girls ready, drop them off for their big days ahead and then head out to a Boot Camp workout… all before 7:30 A.M. !!!

She would do anything for her friends/family and inspires people to Makes Jen’s Day by sharing ripples of kindness in their community.

Jen motivates me to be the best physically and mentally. Thank you Jen for being you!

Chris (@ChrisTse_)

A.K.A. My Friend and Fit Quest Sherpa

Chris is like my Gandalf during this fit quest, but only a tad shorter with no beard.

His awesome selfies  motivate me to take my training to the next level.

He inspires me to continue this quest beyond the 90 day limit by reminding me that I am a lot stronger than I think I am.

Thank you Chris for taking me on this journey. Let’s slay this beast together.

So there you have it! Some of the fit geeks that inspire me. With a healing ankle and a few weeks left, I am going to work on being the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been.

I can do this! Stay tuned for the last few blogs and the epic conclusion of my fit quest.



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