Steve’s 90 Day Fit Quest UPDATE – Week 7&8

“Remember the times you could have pressed quit, but you hit continue…”

-Shane Koyczan

Salut fellow fit nerds!

Sooo this happened…

Hedgehodge's Ankle Before and After

Hedgehodge’s ankle before… and after

I literally hurt myself jumping for joy. It was after the Blitz Birthday HIIT and I felt great. SO great as a matter of fact that I decided to demonstrate my glee with a hearty leap in the air. During my leap, my water bottle escaped my grasp and water erupted from the bottle. Trying to catch the bottle and its contents,  shifted my weight and when I came down, all of me collapsed entirely on the ankle.

Pain was never so hilarious

Fast forward past my bulbous foot and a trip to the doctor brings you to the present. I partially tore most of the tendons in my ankle which Dr. Google calls a Grade II ankle sprain and am now on the mend.

I was in a bit of a funk for the first little while. I hit a motivational wall.  My diet started to slip as I drowned my sorrows in Big Mac sauce.

I was doing SO WELL and now my dreams of being a ballet dancer were crushed by a bad fall.  I felt like I had been completely derailed and my chances of completing my quest were slim-to-none.

I was a fucking failure.

But then it hit me. Despite my surly disposition, I still look and feel the best I ever had! My injury doesn’t have to stop me – it just will slow me down for a bit. Even if I’m moving a centimetre versus a kilometre toward my goal, I was still moving forward. I was still progressing! On top of that, PEOPLE ARE SO KIND TO YOU WHEN YOU’RE ON CRUTCHES.

This ankle injury was just another challenge in my quest to smite the obese overlord. I am still working out (upper body) and I am seeing a physiotherapist to work on improving the balance and strength in my ankle. I’ve got my diet back on track and some amazing people in my life are keeping me motivated.

This is a moment where I could have pressed quit, but instead I hit continue.

I got a pocket full of quarters and I am going to keep playing this game.

Now let’s talk progress… I made Chris go ‘Wow’ when I took off my shirt annd the girlfriend is pleased as punch as well *tee hee*.

I am getting stronger and since the focus has shifted on upper body, I’M PLAYING WITH THE BIG BOY WEIGHTS NOW!

Diet is back on track with my two cups veggies, one cup protein and two-thirds of a cup of carbs. If I slip up I accept it, move on and strive to eat better next meal.

The 90 days are almost done but I won’t stop after that. I want to keep leveling up with the Fitness League, share some inspiring stories of my quest and share the stories of others.

In fact, my next entry will focus on a few of the individuals who inspire me….





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