Steve’s 90 Day Fit Quest UPDATE – Week 6

IMG_6237Can you believe that I’m at the halfway point of this fitventure? I SURE CAN’T

Six weeks have flown by and I’m advancing in my quest to smite my obese overlord. The portly one had a stranglehold on me for YEARS but as of today, I’m winning the battles. These little victories are going to help me win this war.

The biggest battle I’ve won is over the food I eat. In the past, my eating habits hindered any of my past successes. I would starve myself to the point where my body would go into full system failure, or I would just eat all of the fast foods and just spin my tires.

But Loreen, my sustenance spirit guide, and the gang at Revive Wellness  provided me the nudge start properly nourish my body for the long journey ahead to nerd fitness.

Today, I will tell you the tale of how the food I eat now aides me on my fit quest and how by making the smallest changes to your diet, you can kick your fitness up a notch.


This tale will be in three parts. First I’m going to educate you on my past shitty eating habits, then share how I changed them and finally enlighten you on how it’s changed me for the best. So let’s get started!

Episode I – The foods that I ate or “Hello. My name is Steve and I’m addicted to fast food “

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m not proud of what I ate in the past. For months at a time, I would eat nothing but fast food. McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Taco Time, Royal Pizza (SOO GOOD!), Tim Horton’s and KFC’s employees all started to recognize me by my chubby face. I was ashamed of  my eating habits and to hide from it, I stuffed the bags in other people’s trash cans. I thought that if the bags didn’t grace my waste bin, it would be out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

IMG_6239But it was ALWAYS on my mind.

I was tired, irritable, lazy and farty all the time. I hated how and looked and felt and didn’t know that this was all effected by what I was eating and drinking.  I would eat/drink crappy food because the salts, fats, sugars made my animal brain feel better and  then feel like hell for eating them. It was a vicious cycle and something had to change.

*Cue Revive Wellness Inc.*

Episode II – Premium please or the food the fuels me now.

Loreen from Revive Wellness is a nutrition ninja. She took the time to break down any myths I had about eating during a challenge like this and suggested that I start visualizing food as a fuel source to power my every day activity. She developed a personalized meal plan for me to follow that gives methe nutrition I need… from the food I eat! IMAGINE THAT!

Here’s a snapshot of my breakfasts:

What's for Lunch

Usually consisting of:

Two (2) – Eggs cooked in a variety of ways

Two (2) – Slices of flax or whole-grain toast

One (1) – Bowl of sliced fruit or a smoothie

Two (2) – Slices of Bacon SOMETIMES

And here’s what’s for Lunch/Dinner:

What's for Dinner

Usually consisting of:

Two (2) – Cups of Assorted Vegatables (California Mix, Harvest Mix, Brussel Sprouts, etc.)

One (1) – Cup of protein (Beef, Bison, Salmon, Pork, Turkey)

Two-thirds (2/3) – Cup of a Carbohydrate (Quinoa and/or Rice)

Now I’m not perfect. I still go out and eat the burger + fries and wash it down with a few malted beverages and I still eat fast food occasionally. But here’s the kicker, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had it and i’m no longer eating it all the time. I’m not going to beat myself up over it because it’s no longer a part of my life. I’M OVER YOU FAST FOOD!

Now food is my primary source of fuel that helps me not collapse into a huddled mess of snot and tears after a workout.

Now aside from that lovely little visual, let”s talk about how much it’s helped me.

Episode III – In six weeks, changing my eating habits has helped me ________________.

  • Gain and retain the energy to workout two times a day on average.
  • Enjoy eating food that’s good for me and not just sugary/salty/fatty filler.
  • Lose 13 pounds of fat, while maintaining my lean body mass.
  • Kick the cravings of salty snacks and fizzy beverages.
  • Save money by not wasting cash on fast food.

The first six weeks are behind me and I’m seeing results. The next six weeks are gonna kick my beefy butt for the better and it makes me confident to know that I will have the fuel in my tank to keep on trucking.

I still have a few more fitness dates with Revive Wellness and I can’t wait to share them with you! Every time I go, I see progress and a shift in my body composition. The fat is being evicted by the muscly HOH *Big Brother reference*.

And now, since you’ve missed them all sooo much, enjoy the bevy of shirtless photos of me that will adorn the internetz.

Thanks again for reading my little fit story. I can’t wait until next week when I tell you about a few people who INSPIRE me.

Until next time fit nerds/geeks!



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