Steve Hodges in Fit Quest I – The mission to see my toes

Hi, I’m Steve and it’s a pleasure to e-meet you. I would shake your hand but touch screens aren’t that advanced yet so we just have to settle for this informal online introduction.

On April 28, 2013, something happened to me that most people dread.

I turned 30.

Instead of having my first past-my-quarter-life-crisis, I decided to blissfully say good bye to my Snoring 20’s and welcome my Nerdy 30s in style!

My nerdy 30s are going to be the best decade of my life. Why? Well I’ll tell you RIGHT NOW. From 2013 to 2023, I am going to transform myself into a Full Frontal Nerd and share #FullFrontalNerdity with the world. P.S. it’s NERDity, not nudity. This is a PG blog after all and you should already be scared enough by my before photos.

FullFrontalNerdity is embracing what you’re geeky and nerdy for and you can be a geek or nerd over everything. For more sweet details on FullFrontalNerdity, check out my PechaKucha presentation HERSteven Hodges 90 Day Challenge Week 1 Front Side Back.

But can you be a nerd over fitness? I would argue that you can be and should be. I remember when I used to pretend to be a hero with enhanced strength and skill (I still do) and now I have a chance to become one!

Blitz Conditioning is giving me an opportunity to go on the quest of a life time. This 90-Challenge is giving me the tools, inventory and skills to level myself up in a unique gamified experience developed by myself and Chris Tse. I am going to share the highs and lows with you all via the World Wide Web and hope that you join me on this quest to smite the obese overlords.

I joined because of the inspirational stories of Sarah Jackson (@luzzara) and Jen Banks (@jenbanksyeg). These two lovely ladies kicked some serious ass and blew their fitness goals out of the water. What I find the most inspirational they’re still at it. Fitness is a part of their daily lives. I want that too. I am tired of reaching my goals and then just stopping dead in my tracks. These 90 days are going to try me physically and mentally and like any hero, I say BRING IT ON!!! *eep*

So the quarters are in the slot, I’m pressing player one and I am ready to play the game.

Follow along on Twitter (@hedgehodge #Nerd4Fitness #BlitzFit),

Here are my Top 10 reasons for taking the 90 Day Challenge

1.) I am tired of making a “HUNNNUGH” sound whenever I bend over to pick something up.

2.) I want to get rid of my sugar belly.

3.) My phone won’t ask if I’m sure I want to take that selfie.

4.) I would like to run a half-marathon with my Dad.

5.) I want to work on a core that’s not from an apple.

6.) I’d like to more than 10 push-ups.

7.) I don’t want to have an “X” in my shirt sizes.

8.) I don’t want to be too small for the Big & Tall and too big for the regular clothing stores.

9.) I want to see all of my toes when I look down.

10.) I want to be the best me I could possibly be.


  1. Congrats Steve – I’m proud of you! Those other fab Edmonton chicks rocked it – Sarah and Jen set an incredible standard that I know you will excel to with this awesome opportunity! Adventure!!

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