Staying #blitzfit while on vacation: Kyla’s 30 Day Challenge.

I’ve been a member of the Blitz community since August 2013. To me, the thing that I love most about Blitz (and what keeps me coming back every month) is the sense of community that they’ve been able to build. I’ve done my best to incorporate Blitz into my daily morning routine since August. So when the time came to leave Canada for a month, needless to say I had a small bout of anxiety wondering what my new routine would look like without my daily dose of Blitz. Herein comes Amy to save the day! She kindly made me a ‘travel-friendly’ HIIT workout and then took it a step further by asking me if I’d be interested in attempting the March 30-day challenge from abroad and blog about it. My challenge begins March 1st and ends March 29th with the usual goal of 4 hour long HIIT workouts per week. So here I am. Week 1 completed. I ended up waking up at 4:30 AM on Saturday to do my first workout before we flew out of Edmonton that morning. It felt good to get a good sweat on before a 30 hour travel day.

Kyla in Ho Chi Minh CityArriving in Ho Chi Minh, it was surprisingly easier to fit a workout in than I thought it would be. The people of Ho Chi Minh are SO active. We were able to find a few parks with outdoor gyms. When we did one of our workouts at 6 AM, the park was filled with people doing tai chi, Zumba, playing badminton, and running. With that said, we have run into a few speed bumps that have challenged our workouts, such as:

– not being allowed to workout on the grass; this has led to some very bruised arms and knees
– modifying my intensity to suit the elements; it was +35 with 86% humidity at 6 AM
– keeping hydrated; along with the hot temperatures, I’ve also possibly indulged with a few more beverages than I would normally in Canada
– working out with an audience; I don’t think HIIT workouts are very common here, so we’ve definitely been photographed, videotaped and have drawn a few crowds

I am very lucky to be travelling with a few good friends who are also working out with me. This definitely helps to keep me accountable and not make excuses as to why I shouldn’t workout. My goal in the upcoming weeks is to try and engage a few new friends in joining us for workouts; try to form a Blitz community while overseas. I’ll hopefully have some interesting blog posts for you in the upcoming weeks. Until then, thanks for reading! #blitzfit

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