Stay Motivated with a Race!

20140706_125710Hey gang, Sarah Meier here, one of Blitz Conditioning’s newest Trainers! Over the past three years I have been leading fitness classes at a variety of gyms, as well as volunteer instructing at the Don Wheaton YMCA for the past year. I have also been a long time Blitz community member, so it has been incredibly exciting watching Blitz grow over the years! Now I am thrilled to be apart of the Blitz team and I love starting my Thursdays leading your morning Blitz HIIT class! It is inspiring seeing so many of your faces at 6am, and you work your butts off for the hour!

For my first blog post I wanted to discuss a topic that many can relate to – making time and finding the motivation to workout over the summer months, and share the method that I use to hold myself accountable to getting myself to the gym.

Summer is a great time to focus on improving your fitness level, the days are longer and the weather is great! But with the patios open and holidays planned, it can be tough staying on track with your goal. For me the best way to stay committed over the summer months is signing up for a race, because there is no better motivation then a DEADLINE! In my case, I compete in Triathlons. I have just finished the Cornation Tri, and now gearing up for my first Half Iron Man on July 5! This July 5 deadline is my motivation to maintain my health and fitness. This means continue and elevate my training, get lots of sleep, and watch what I am eating.

These days there are a ton of race styles to choose from! Running (road or trail), Cycling (road or mountain), Triathlon, Obstacle Course, Crossfit, etc, and each style has various distances/levels available. Start by selecting a style that you will enjoy training for, and then a distance that you will have ample time to prepare for.

You have just completed the first step, you have signed up for a race (Woohoo!!), you are excited and maybe a bit nervous, but resist bolting out of the starting gates and training too hard too fast. Instead, gradually build up the muscles needed to complete your race, this way you will stay happy and injury free all the way up to the race day!

As for nutrition, I’ll keep this simple, eat clean. This means ease up on sweets, pop, alcohol, and processes foods (usually freezer items). All that sugar and unhealthy fat will do you no favors while training and building strength. You will notice your workouts will become more effective and your body will feel fantastic when consuming quality food. If you are a sugar fiend like me, it can be tough cutting back, but you can do it! Try healthier substitutes. I’ll nibble on dark chocolate and swap in soda water with a couple of lime wedges.

Now you have made it to RACE DAY!! You have trained smart and eaten healthy – this means you have gained muscle and likely shed some fat (way to go!!!), now it’s time to relax, trust your body, and just have fun. Do not worry about the other people competing and their results. This is your race, your personal time, and all that should matter is that you gave your best! You should be proud of the work you have done to get here, now go get’em!!

But first – Just Sign Up!!


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