Stability Ball Workout: June 1 2016 Global TV Segment

I featured a classic piece of equipment on Global TV this week: The stability or swiss ball.

Here are a few workouts you can do that are a little different compared to the norm. Unstable surfaces like the ball allow you to challenge balance and core and can step up the challenge for many conventional exercises.

Push Up:

Stability Ball Push UP 01

Stability Ball Push UP 02

  1. Place you hands should width apart.
  2. Bend at the elbows to perform a push up
  3. The top of the ball should be at your sternum
  4. Press through your palms to return to the top of the push up

The ball can be placed against a wall to increase the stability. Make sure you keep your core tight throughout the exercise.

One Legged Lunge:

Stability Ball Lunge 01

Stability Ball Lunge 02

  1. Place one leg on the top of the ball
  2. Bend the planted leg and move the leg on the ball backwards to lunge
  3. Stand up from the lunge by bringing your rear foot back towards your body

Try and keep your torso as upright as you possibly can, ideally your torso should be at least 45 degrees from an upright position.

Toe Taps:Stability Ball Toe Touch 01

Stability Ball Toe Touch 02

  1. To begin: keep both feet on top of the ball
  2. Transfer your body weight to one foot and reposition it so it is now on top of the ball
  3. Bring the other foot down to briefly touch the ground
  4. Bring the foot back to the top of the ball
  5. Shift your body weight to the other foot
  6. Repeat on the other side

Torso Twist:

Stability Ball Torso Twist 01

Stability Ball Torso Twist 02

  1. Start in a bridge position while lying on the ball – keep your upper back on the top of the ball and your neck should be relaxed
  2. Keep your arms fully extended
  3. Bend at the elbows
  4. Twist through your abdominals (keep your core tight at the same time) so you roll onto your triceps and then onto your elbows
  5. Hold this position for a few seconds
  6. Twist back to the original position
  7. Repeat on the other side


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