Spot The Fitness Dinosaur in Edmonton and Win Free Training!

I’m making a competition around Edmonton where the prize up to 4 FREE training sessions for the rest of October! The rules are simple: all you need to do is spot the dino!  Your job is to hunt me down, in my dinosaur hoodie while I’m out and about in the city.  When you see me, run on over say hello then take a picture of me or with me.  Post the picture up on twitter with the hash tag: #DinoYEG and direct the post to me (@MooreBlitz). Posting it on twitter will get you 2 free sessions. It is that simple! At the end of the month I’ll pick the best picture so feel free to get creative with them. The winner of best picture will then get an additional 2 more free sessions!


This competition will run for all of October, from the date posted right up until October 31. If you see me pumping gas, going to the movies, or even with a mouth full of food at a restaurant come and say hello! I’ll only be giving out 2 training sessions for the first entry. Any pictures taken within Blitz Conditioning Training studio will not be valid.







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