Special Class this Sunday: Rebound Training


We’re offering a chance this Sunday to try out the Rebounder Training with Sarah Meier at 10:00 am!

What is Rebounder training?

The most fun you will have in a fitness class! No matter what your fitness level or age, a Rebound Training (RT) class is the total package, improving one’s cardiovascular system, strength, and balance. What can you expect? A fun, high energy class with stellar music, combined with creative exercises and drills that will get the heart pumping and sweat dripping!

In addition, RT classes provide numerous health benefits such as increased circulation of the lymphatic system, and increased bone density. Plus your knees and ankles will thank you, because the rebounder trampoline absorbs the impact of jumping!


  • You’ll need workout gear (avoid long flared workout pants since they’re a tripping hazard).
  • Water Bottle.
  • This is included in the 1 month unlimited pass, and your 10 class passes.
  • We are taking 14 participants only for this class since there is a limited number of rebounders. Sign in for the class here:
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