Sometimes you just need to press RESET

stress-2This past week was a tough one, I’m not going to beat around the bush about it. I took one look at my training schedule, and thought ‘how am I going to do this’?  It was a peak week in my schedule and the hours and mileage were a bit intimidating.  All I could think was- holy cow its begun, my life from now and for the next 3 months is going to be, training, work, eat, sleep.  And then I became frustrated with myself, thinking of course it is, you knew this when you signed up for Ironman that it was going to be a lot of work. This is what I want to do with my life, I have some big goals I should know that it’s not going to come without hard-work.

And this cycle continued throughout Monday in my head until I finally slowly began to put words to how I was feeling and called my boyfriend Jason, not once but 3 times as the evening progressed- final call at 11:30pm. On the phone with him, my biggest question ‘What if I can’t handle all of the pressure (fully aware I put it on myself) and What if I fail?’- questions I’m sure everyone has asked their self before. And as we chatted he said something that made complete sense- ‘Sometimes we all need a moment like this, to let it out, to cry, so that we can reset ourselves’. BAM, there it was, it was not only OK to be nervous, but it was ok to have a moment of panic- but it was where I went from that moment that mattered. I had to reset. I had to let the full weight of what I have taken on in work and training sink in and then I had to set the reset button on myself and keep powering through.  One workout at a time, one task at a time, one day at a time.

I began scheduling my workouts into my schedule of sessions with community members, and around time needed to work on Blitz Calgary, so that I have that reminder go off on my phone that now is the time to focus on training.  The hours are going to be long, the free time potentially non-existent, but it is only for 3 more months and I have more reasons to do this than to not do it.

So the next time you are having a moment where you feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew and you have no idea how you are going to get through it all. Let yourself have it- and then- RESET. Take a step back and take it one thing at a time, trust yourself and get it done, at the end there is a finish line and you will cross it.


Total Training Hours: 16


My amazing team pre-race at the Calgary Marathon with one of the amazing staff members ready to cheer everyone on!

Favorite workout of the week: 30km run at the Calgary ½ Marathon- I was coaching my team for Leukemia Lymphoma Team in Training. So I ran the whole race then looped back to run in with each participant, they all finished and I was so proud!

Least favorite workout of the week: 2 hour bike ride in the wind on Tuesday. I thought I was going to be blown off the high-level bridge!!

Biggest learning: When it feels like there is too much to do, just take it one thing at a time.

Things I’m looking forward to next week: Recovery week!! I’m looking forward to the whole week! Haha.



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  1. Erin Kelly says:

    Amy, you are amazing! Such a strong and vibrant woman – a real inspiration to all who know and know of you!

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