Smith Wright

I graduated with a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Alberta in 2014.  During his time at the U of A I played five years of CIS Football and spent four years with the Track and Field team.  It was during these years that I developed a passion for training, pushing myself daily

By my third year had become a nationally ranked weight thrower and represented the Golden Bear football team on the national stage at the East-West Bowl.  In 2013 I was drafted by the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos, but returned to school to complete my degree.

During my time at U of A, I was able to work with, and be influenced by, some of the leading strength and conditioning experts in the field.  I have been applying this experience since becoming the Strength and Conditioning coach for the Golden Bears football program in 2014.  Propelled by my passion, I have continued to expand my knowledge base surrounding training and nutrition through any available trade journal and peer group.