Sleep- who needs it? I DO! -12 weeks to Ironman!

This week was a swim focused training week. My next couple weeks are all focusing on one discipline at a time. The swims left me feeling pretty tired and I was grateful for a rest day on Wednesday, but even with some time off I still felt pretty beat.

Food was a main focus for me last week. At the beginning of the week I made sure to do some grocery shopping and get stocked up- I paid close attention to my carb intake and had some lovely protein packed dinners in the evenings. I still felt pretty exhausted all week- I was attributing it to my extra time in the pool, until Sunday morning came around and I slept in until 11:30am- which is unheard of for me! I realized that what I really was lacking, was not necessarily calories or  that the swim was the main culprit, but that I needed to pay more attention to my sleeping patterns.

A 10 or 11pm bedtime with a 5am wake-up call just is not sustainable, and I am definitely doing my body more harm than good. Its tough some evenings when you only have 2 maybe 3 hours to spend with your loved ones before bed. Not to mention having to hit the hay before the sun is down- good ol’ Alberta. But last week really surprised me at how much I needed that extra couple hours a night. I think so many of us start a workout regimen and forget that sleep is such an important part of our daily recovery. Its easy to put it on the back burner when it feels like you don’t have enough hours in a day. But it can really come back to haunt you down the road.

Think back to the last time you got a solid 8 hours of sleep in. Try it for a couple weeks and see how you feel. Enroll the people around you of your plan for sleep and why its important, as that will help you from feeling guilty for hitting the hay early. My friends have all basically accepted that I am in training mode and wont be coming out on a weeknight past 9pm and they are all very supportive, but it can take a while.

My first race of the season is this week in Calgary- The Chinook ½ ironman- We take to the water at 8am sharp on Saturday morning. I am a bit nervous but also excited to see where I am at, and find out what I need to be working on a bit more. I’m trying to look at the day as a long training day, but I also want to push myself a bit- I will need all the extra energy I can get. Since I am not treating it as a typical race and tapering, sleep is going to play a big part in how I feel Saturday. My focus this week is the run in my training but now it is also on sleep and getting in those quality ZZZ’s.

Im looking forward to updating everyone on my race next week!! Wish me luck!


First open water swim of the season at Midnapore Lake in Calgary- where the race is next weekend!



Total Training Hours: 11 hours.

Favorite workout of the week: A 15km run through Calgary’s river valley while Jason long-boarded in front of me. It was a beautiful morning and it was such a treat to share a training session with him.

Toughest workout of the week: 3km long swim that had a 1950m ladder in it- my arms were jello after.

Biggest learning: Sleep! I need it- no more skimping on ZZZ’s

Things I’m looking forward to this week: RACE DAY on Saturday! (not going to be the warmest day but Im hoping for the best!)



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