Six tips to start running.

I used to believe that I wasn’t meant for running. I have been into weightlifting for the past few years when I first began my fitness journey. Looking years back to high school days, in gym class we had 12 minute runs. I would whine about shin splints, my legs being short, about anything that I could complain about to associate with running. I made excuses for myself. I love the weights, the way I felt after lifting. I also know I can lift weights, I am aware of my strength.  

This year I set 2 new goals for myself- to run a half marathon, and to do at least 1 unassisted pull up. I am surrounded by a community of runners in Edmonton. I wanted a challenge, to push my limits and go beyond the limitations I set for myself!

So here I am, signed up for my first half marathon in Banff- June 18, 2017. Here are some tips for someone who is interested in running.

  1. Just do it. Run. Go outside and put your music in and go. Don’t worry how fast you are going, or how far. The fact is you are out there trying and running!
  2. Don’t compare your journey to others. I made the mistake of asking people what their run pace was, and it scared me! I honestly thought at points: I can never be like this person so what’s the point? You are not running for others, you are running for yourself. Do your best, the more you run, the easier it gets and the faster you become.
  3. Find a running buddy. I lucked out with one of my clients Marcel being a marathon runner, recently qualifying for the Boston marathon next year. He cares about me and pushes me when the little voice in my head says you can’t do this anymore. You can and you will! The moment that voice comes on is the moment you push a little harder. Puff your chest out, draw your shoulders back, breath and put one leg in front of the other- keep going.
  4. Start with 10 minutes running, 1 minute walking. I actually love this because it lets your heart rate come down, and you have that minute to look forward to haha.. Eventually you won’t even need that minute!
  5. You don’t have to be a consistent runner, and sign up for half marathons, full marathons.. you can run for leisure! It’s good for you- it challenges your body and your mind.
  6. Last but not least, stretch and foam roll! Take care of your body. If you don’t know there are tons of online resources- or come see me! I’d love to help.

Remember this is your run. This is for you and your body. It isn’t easy but it is worth it! You can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. It’s up to you at the end of the day. I hope this encourages you to run OR try something new! There are so many ways to be active and healthy, find your passion.

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