How To Do: Side-to-Side Push-Up (video)

This is an exercise that can take sometime to really get use to, the coordination takes a little work. It works both your chest, and core. You can do this by moving a few times in one direction then back again, or just back and forth. Here is the break down:

1) Start in push-up position

2) Go down do a push-up

3) On the way up walk one hand and leg to the side (try and use the moment on the way up to help)

4) Bring your other hand back over into the starting position

5) Do another push-up and walk your hands out


Here is what it looks like:



You can also do this from your knees, go down do a push-up then go up your toes walk over, and go back down to your knees. Give it a try, and let me know what you think of this exercise.


Let me know if there is any exercises you would like to see, in the comment section below.

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