[Work] Out Sick

It all started with a migraine turned slight headache, that I thought was caused by stress. I took a few days off work, relaxed, and started feeling better.
Apparently, the headache wasn’t finished torturing me. It reappeared after one day, and haunted me slightly in the days that followed. Soon enough, it got the best of me. I fainted in my apartment’s elevator; I knew I had to go to the doctor, then take some days off and get better.

I’m the worst at being sick. I get irritable, and I’m useless. I know that I should be resting and getting better. I shouldn’t give up on healthy eating, but I have to keep myself properly nourished with all the nutrients my body needs to recover.
But I can’t stop thinking about all the workouts I’m missing out on, and how many steps backwards I’ll be taking by consuming food, and not working it off.

Being sick does not necessarily mean the workouts have to stop – depending on your symptoms. A common principle to start with is the “neck rule”. If your symptoms are affecting areas above the neck [sore throats, runny nose, watery eyes, mild headaches, etc.], you might be okay to mildly take on the treadmill or bike. If your suffering from sore and aching limbs, congestion in the lungs, coughing, or fever – these are signs of a flu or something more serious than the common cold, and you should get some rest before getting worse.

It depends on how sick you are, and how you feel. Breaking a sweat can definitely help flush out nasty toxins in your body, but it’s important to remember that your body isn’t at it’s best. I would give anything to be able to hit the gym right now, but this sickness has taken over. I’m dizzy, light-headed, and consumed by this headache. Any attempts to workout right now would definitely lead to an injury.

Use your best judgement, and don’t push too hard. Adjust your usual workout by lowering the intensity and shortening the duration of it. If you start feeling worse than when you started, stop; don’t forget to sanitize any equipment you may have ‘contaminated’ with your germs.

It’s okay to take some rest, and get back to normal. Do what you feel is best for you and your body.



  1. Yvon Loiselle says:

    I struggled over the last day and 1/2… my body was good and exhausted after my Monday killer workout with Oktay. Returned to school (teacher) ’til well past 9:00 p.m. and got little sleep on Monday night. I was tired but not bad yesterday.

    After a heavy sleep last night, I felt depleted of energy, legs like lead, and just listless. My body had not yet recuperated. I fought with myself about just going in, especially if I’m losing $ to cancelling last minute. I knew I wouldn’t be getting a good workout in, so I opted for rest and a killer workout Friday. Sometimes, you just have to take a day’s rest.

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