Should Athletes Train During Their Season?

I wanted to answer one of the most common questions posed by athletes:

“Should I workout during the season?”

The answer is absolutely!  Even after beginning a training regimen many athletes become hesitant to put forth 100% because they are concerned that it will affect their play in a negative way.  Most athletes who play at a competitive level have a high volume of practices and games.  It is very difficult to progress in their workouts without causing too much fatigue that could affect their play.  So what is the point in working out then?

  • Injury Prevention: Imbalances are created by the same repetitive movements that the athlete performs repeatedly in their sport.  Muscles become tight and “overused” athletes should be sure to stretch and do exercises for the corresponding muscles.  The workouts that are given in season are low energy and low impact will definitely benefit there game play.
  • Maintenance: Players often start the season off so strong but taper off after the first two months.  Most athletes now-a-days train extremely hard during their off season.  They work on all aspects of their sport and it shows in their performance at the beginning of the season.  A couple months later coaches are scratching their heads and wondering what happened to the kid they chose for their team.  The athlete has worked so hard to become stronger in the off season and now all the conditioning is wearing off.  Athletes need to continue strength training throughout the season not only to stay strong during the season and to ensure that they can improve even more after the next season. Speed and agility are required in many sports and should always play a large role in off-season training.  It is very important for athletes to train and teach the muscles how do the movements they constantly do as second nature.  A hockey player should not have to think about crossing over it should just happen.  Although athletes are constantly performing their sport during the season these things should be worked on in practice however this is not to say that speed and agility drills should be forgotten about during in-season training.  Athletes should always working on making these movement patterns more efficient and because practices are much frequent it is easier to tweak these movements and apply them in practice.

Also remember that, with all this training, athletes need to make sure they are consuming enough calories and staying hydrated. Many times fatigued is caused improper nutrition which leads to slower recovery rates.

Athletes need to make sure you are doing everything they can so that on game day they perform their best. After all they are trying to live their dream!

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