Set Goals, then Kick’ em in the face!- 6 weeks to Ironman Canada

My name on the list of participants for IM Canada!!

My name on the list of participants for IM Canada!!


So I started looking at the Ironman Canada website- Thinking holy cow I am now officially 6 weeks out! That is much less than 2 months and almost too close to a month out for comfort. With each passing week the thought of race day is both exciting and also daunting. Last week was a great week, I felt like I was coming down off of a serious adrenaline rush and I was. I needed that race day at Great White North for sure- although now looking ahead at my next few weeks I know its not the time to fool around that’s for sure. I officially feel like I am on the home stretch and I feel like its time to start setting some goals for my race day!

Seems simple enough… ahem… but before I get going, a little side story. This blog was originally all about how nervous I was for Ironman after visiting the site, and how scary it was and what I was planning on focusing on. I told Jason last night at dinner that what scared me the most is thinking, the fact that I managed to finish in the top 10 at Great White North (7th), still feeling pretty good, it made me think I should maybe be setting my bar a bit higher for Ironman. I told him that based on my times at GWN I might be more in the running for a Kona spot than I thought. To which he replied and bless his heart, ‘of course you will get it’! I thought he had shot me! I was panicked that someone could just throw that out there, I even asked him not to say things like that, it was actual panic- He said it out-loud, my secret goal! And then I realized what I was doing.

I am just going to throw it out there that sitting here and writing this is making me feel like I want to vomit! If you have ever done goal setting you may have experienced this moment of trepidation, of not wanted to put it out there in case it doesn’t happen. And even as I write this I am telling myself ‘you have control over what happens in your life.’- So I guess the hardest part is not losing control over your goals, rather admitting that you control the outcome and you are now accountable. The 2nd thing abut goal setting, that is easy to look over, is setting the bar high! If you are accomplishing more than 50% of your goals they probably aren’t high enough. Goals are as much about going for it as they are about reaching them. If you set that bar high and you even skim it you can, and should still be extremely excited and proud.

SMARTAs far as my goals for Ironman go- originally I had said I wanted to finish in under 14 hours. I said this because I was thinking at the time, it was a number I was comfortable with, secretly thinking I could come in closer to 13 but not wanting to put it out there just in case. 14hours was safe. Taking my times from GWN and in a perfect world, hoping I can keep a relatively similar pace I’d be looking to do approximately a 1 hour swim, a 6hour bike and a 4 hour marathon. Which brings us to 11hours total. While I know that with a longer distance I am bound to be a bit slower on each, clearly 14 hours is giving myself a LOT of time. I know a lot of people see their 1st Ironman as something that they just want to finish, and while that is my main goal, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly hoping to do even better. I have said I want to be at Kona by 2016, I have to start somewhere. I took a look at the results from my age group last year and 13 girls finished in under 12 hours last year. So taking the SMART approach to goal setting I am going to lay it out there, (insert vomiting feeling here) and set my goal times for Ironman Canada. (insert deep breathe here)

kickem in the faceSwim: 1hour and 20minutes

Transition: no more than 10minutes

Bike: 6hours

Transition: no more than 10 minutes

Run: 4hours and 15 minutes.

I WILL finish Ironman Canada in under 12 hours. BABOOM!

Now its up to me to continue on with a focused training schedule, no corner cutting and repeating this goal over and over in my mind. I WILL do this. I WILL work hard and I WILL be ready on race day.(insert excitement here)

Total Training Hours Last Week: Recovery week- 10 hours.

Favorite workout of the week: An outdoor plyometric workout with Joshua, a Blitz community member in Calgary.

Toughest workout of the week: My first run of the week a 10k steady run, my first one post race. The legs needed the loosen up for sure.

Biggest learning: Its okay to set the bar high for Ironman. You have to start somewhere!

Things I’m looking forward to this week: A couple solid bike rides in and around Calgary as I continue to focus on my bike.


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