Scary Moments – 90 Day Challenge

week 11

Over the last few weeks I have gotten some serious reminders about how health and fitness are important. When we are young we look at the world like we are invincible, the problem with that is we aren’t invincible. We are human, we get scared, we become weak and we break, the thing is sometimes we can be fixed and sometime we can fix others, but we need to be healthy to do so.

I have seen how a healthy body and a positive attitude can help at moments of weakness. A few times in my life I’ve seen the direct results of how staying healthy and positive when battling disease, illness and injury help the healing process, in the past few weeks having these things hit closer to home is a reminder of how important it is to listen to your body.

Today was a tough day, I was witness to an older woman, a women I know, choke, she stood as people helped with the Heimlich, she struggled to breath and as they tried to force the obstruction out, she began to go limp, she began to get pale, and as we were on the phone with 911 a young strong man was the key to her breathing again. After sitting with her and speaking of the fear she had just experienced, I began to reflect on how important it is for us to stay healthy not only for our selves but for others who may need us, be it our friends and family or a stranger who could be saved. As I told my mother this story, I began to say; what if she was too big for us to get our arms around her (she was a bigger woman), what if no one strong enough to force out the obstruction was there, I had lots of thoughts running through my head and finally settling on, is she is ok.

Since September when I decided to “prepare myself for the rest of my life”, I have come across moments like today where the shearer emotional force of the moment reminds me again of how important being healthy and strong is. I have begun to make new goals and commitments as this “challenge” nears the end, next week I will describe them and what I’m nervous about. Today, I am grateful for been given the opportunity to speak so openly about my fears, challenges and my successes, this process has given me the extra accountability that I’ve needed. I look forward to continuing writing about my journey, two weeks to go, lets see how much further I’ll be able to go.

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