Sarah Meier

For as long as I can remember I have loved to move! My active childhood included dancing for 15 years, and playing a variety of sports like soccer and volleyball. Since those early years, everyday I am looking for the opportunity to get my heart pumping and feel the sweat on my brow.

Even as a new mom, being active will always be a crucial part of my life. When I am not at the gym, you can find me (and my baby) cycling, jogging, cross country skiing, or just walking through the river valley. And to settle my competitive side, I absolutely love battling it out on the triathlon course, having completing the Sprint, Olympic, and Half Ironman distances.

A favorite saying of mine is “exercise is meant to make your life better”. So whether I’m seeing you as your Personal Trainer or as your Class Leader, making your life better is my goal. To me this means you leave Blitz stronger, injury free, and happy! But you may not see it that way while in the middle of a squat drill, or doing push ups. So I will accept the “Thank yous” at a later date 😉

The importance of Prenatal and Postpartum fitness has become a true passion of mine. I have been fascinated by the unique changes the body undergoes during this time since going through my own pregnancy and then my postpartum recovery. This motivated me to educate myself on safe and effective exercises for this population. And I love to share my experience and knowledge with others, so please email me if you have any questions regarding Prenatal or Postpartum fitness!

I love being apart of the Blitz team! Since the first time I walked through the Blitz Conditioning doors and I instantly felt welcomed and apart of a fitness family. Our classes are tough, no doubt about it, but we go through both the good times and the difficult times together, which is incredible motivation to keep pushing on to find that strength within you!