Run like you stole something.

Chris Tse 5 Peaks Adventure

I have had the opportunity to connect with so many people in Edmonton in the past few years though Blitz. The universal language of movement that we’ve created bonds that transcend beyond simple meet and greets over drinks and food. It is through getting to know so many of you that I have been able to challenge my body in sports like bodybuilding, olympic lifting, parkour, boxing, ultimate frisbee, and running; and this has only been in the past four years!

I’ll admit that when I first picked up running the only thing that was keeping me in the sport was the encouragement of friends. I borrowed, and stole, their enthusiasm to push me to the point where, after my first month of running, I began hitting 21 km distances with pretty acceptable times.  What eventually hooked me into running was that the farther I ran the more scenic the views. I fell in love with the sport simply because of the mini vacations I took every time I laced up my runners. My passion for running and photography really began to develop at the same time thanks to technology. Trail running was the obvious choice in order to get crazy natural landscape shots but the technical aspect of this running form made the views even more rewarding.

Jasper Trail Running

I was trying to narrow down fitness goals for 2015, pressure is on when you look at that black board at Blitz and everyone seemed to have a goal, and almost serendipitously the opportunity to become an ambassador for 5 Peaks came across my digital desk. Goal setting all of a sudden became really easy and I took up the ambassadorship!

In 2015 I’m running a minimum of 5 trail runs and I’m going to spread the love of trail running to all of my amazing community! I haven’t placed a time down on the Enduro races that I’ve signed up for (the longest distances you can cover in the race series) since I still need to do some work to get my running legs back. With the help of a few of the Blitz community I’ll also be training a little more seriously.

As for getting you all on board! You can sign up for individual races on the 5 Peaks Site here:

And use the code: “CHRIS” for a discount.

We’ll see you on the trails and in the gym!

About Chris Tse

I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.

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