Rosemary’s 90 Day Challenge Week 12: Bound to Happen

Everyone has a bad not-so-healthy week once in a while…

It was delicious. It was fun. It was so naughty! It made me gain half a pound. But it was temporary. Let’s not get carried away about it.

For weeks—even months—I’ve avoided most fattening foods in restaurants. However, in the last week, I have eaten a buffet breakfast (at a Fairmont hotel no less), Indian food and Chinese food! This isn’t my typical diet. And while it wasn’t really holiday eating, I admit there was a bit of that mentality going on. I’ve also gone back to eating too many chocolates. Damn Quality Street and their lovely shiny wrappers and sweet centres!!

The up side? I’ve been aware of what’s happening and I have the power to return to healthy decisions.


With all of this social eating, it’s clear this was a busy week. For workouts, I managed a workout with Chris at Blitz on Friday and 40 minutes of high intensity cardio on the Wednesday. I would have liked to have done more, but that’s ok.

I texted Chris after the cardio to report that when I started this challenge, I was doing 30 minutes on the elliptical, at level 5 (manual, so no change in intensity) at a speed of 5.5mph. On Wednesday night, I completed 40 minutes, at level 7 (random, so changing intensity every 10 secs), at a speed of 6.5mph. That felt really good!


I started my advanced course in Emotional Brain Training this week at Revive Wellness. I’m really excited about it. However, I can practically see my mom rolling her eyes at me, as I’ve added yet another “thing to do” to my life. There is work involved in EBT: reading, exercises, calls to other participants. But I truly think the benefits are worth it. But being registered alone doesn’t help; you have to participate. So I really hope to pick up the slack in the next few days.

Future of the Blog

December 12 is the 90th day of this challenge. It’s significant, because it will signify the end of something, but it is also just another day. I will still go to the gym past that date, and I will still be mindful of what I’m eating. Am I concerned about the holidays? A little.

Am I excited for New Years resolutions (I am a frequent goal setter)? Yes. But this year they won’t be the usual. Finally my weight and exercise won’t be top of mind!

Blitz is allowing me to continue blogging about my health and fitness journey! So while next week will be the last blog for a while, look for me every four weeks or so. Stay tuned to see how these changes make it through the party season.

And on that note, I wish you all good times with family and friends in the coming weeks too! (Just remember to move too.)

Starting weight: 211 lbs

Current weight: 199.8 lbs

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