Rosemary’s 90 Day Challenge: Week 11 – Healthy Brain

When I started the 90 day challenge, I had no idea that the biggest changes would be in my brain and not in my body…

Working with thoughts:

I was in a conversation with a group of people once, and the question was asked: If there were no limits (money, time, etc.), what do you think would help you lose weight? The answers ranged from personal chef and personal trainer to financial motivator (Biggest Loser) to no job. But one by one, we could find people or situations where even those things wouldn’t help. I mean, if unlimited money, personal trainers and personal chefs were the answer, would Oprah still struggle with her weight?

The fact is, making time to exercise and choosing to eat right are all internally driven. And getting to the root of our harmful behaviours is also something that has to come from within.

When I decided this go around to get healthier, my main reasons were because I wasn’t happy with how weak I was, how little energy I had to keep up with my kids, and that I didn’t want them to grow up with the same bad habits I was stuck in. Although Chris doesn’t like to focus on weight (and I agree in theory), I’m a woman, and the fact is, numbers do factor in. So honestly, I also wasn’t happy with my weight.

But just like how negative thoughts can manifest themselves through repetition, “I’m so fat,” “I can’t lose weight,” “I keep failing,” I’m seeing now how positive lessons and new ways of thinking can also manifest themselves: “Think big picture, don’t feel bad about
one week of fewer workouts or worse eating,” “Health isn’t about a 90 day challenge, it’s about changing your life.”

Gravitating to like-minded people

I can not tell you enough how important I now think it is to surround yourself with positive people who have the same values as you; they are the friends and influencers who support your healthy eating, encourage your progress, and help watch the kids when you want to work out (Katherine, you’re a life-saver!). They may also be a phenomenal personal trainer who doesn’t just give you a workout, but also connects you with other resources, gives you valuable information, and supports your efforts 7 days a week through text message, Twitter, whatever. I can’t speak highly enough about Chris Tse and Blitz Conditioning.

Some have asked me if I’m getting free workouts in exchange for blogging. Nope. I am investing the money to help me learn and be challenged in my fitness. And all of the thoughts in these blogs are my own. Neither Chris at Blitz, nor the ladies at Revive Wellness (I start advanced Emotional Brain Training this Friday!), have had a say in what I write. So when I recommend that you visit Blitz, and maybe Revive too, I really mean it.


I had a much better week this week, and I feel so good!

Day 1 – 30 minutes elliptical, 30 minute workout (from Chris)
Day 2 – Rest
Day 3 – 30 minute workout
Day 4 – 30 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes bike
Day 5 – 60 minute Hot Flow yoga
Day 6 – Rest
Day 7 – Rest

Eating-wise, I was pretty good. A couple of meals were not great choices (damn McDonald’s!), but overall caloric intake those days wasn’t super high. In fact, looking back, I can really see where stress, lack of time (really a lack of planning) factored in to those days of not eating and then choosing the wrong thing, but it’s not as common as it used to be!

Starting weight: 211 lbs

Current weight: 199.2 lbs


  1. You broke the 200lbs mark – way to go!!! You can tell a major difference in your body. With your schedule and location, you are showing that it can be done. Your journey is inspiring. Congrats to your success!!!

    • Thanks so much Deborah! I haven’t been under 200 lbs for more than six years, never in my married life. It was an amazing milestone to break through! And I confess, I’m dragging myself to go to the gym tonight, but you’ve just given me the boost I needed!

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