Rosemary’s 90 Day Challenge: Week 10 Observations 2/3 of the Way Through

So how many weeks is 90 days anyway?

As I wrote “Week 10,” I wondered, what is the 90th day of this challenge? The answer:
December 12. That means I have 26 days left, and I am determined to make them
count. (90 days is 12.85 weeks, by the way.)

I confess, the middle month of this challenge hasn’t been stellar. For numerous
reasons. But that’s life. Literally, there have been injuries, sick children, business
travel, snow storms, and general busyness, which have made it tougher to find time
to work out. And the stress and fatigue of these things have made the it hard to find
the motivation to work out. But even in the weeks where I didn’t do as much as I would
have liked—and this was another one (I did two 30-minute workouts)—I still did some
things right: I was mindful of my eating, and I managed my stress without resorting to
the destructive behaviours I used to.

Some observations

Some things have occurred to me in the last week or two, which I thought I would share.
They are either the result of this challenge and what I have learned, or things I have
noticed as I’m practicing being more mindful.

1. I finally realized why Weight Watchers hasn’t worked for me over the years. While
I still think Weight Watchers works for people, and it is a solid program that helps
teach portion control and what to eat, it never got to the root of my eating problem.
When I’m stressed, tired, sad, etc., I eat. Or I did eat. With Weight Watchers,
the emphasis was on food, how many points I could eat, or not eat. Through this
challenge, I feel like that connection has been broken. It’s pretty liberating.

2. Vitamins do wonders for increasing energy. While I was on that yoga retreat a
month ago, I started taking vitamins again. In the last week I have really noticed a
connection between taking the vitamins and the burst of energy I get from it. When I
miss taking them, I really feel it. Take vitamins if you’re not already; see for yourself.

3. Chocolate is not the same for me. Chocolate was my thing before. I ate it a lot. Too
much. But this week—whether the Caramilk bar was old, stale, fine, whatever—after
two bites, it wasn’t for me. Didn’t taste as I felt it should. It wasn’t what I wanted. In
fact, it was yuck, so I threw it away. Yay!

Starting weight: 211 lbs (size 14/16)

Current weight: 201 lbs (size 14)


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