Rosemary’s 90 Day Challenge: Top 10 Things I Learned

When I started this challenge 90 days ago, my biggest motivation was my health and setting a good example for my daughters as they grow up. I also wanted my strength back. When I arrived at Blitz Conditioning, everything was an effort: climbing up flights of stairs, opening doors in downtown buildings, carrying my kids.

Now, granted, I had a baby last January, so when I started the challenge, it was only 7 months since my second c-section, and I wasn’t able to do a lot of exercise during pregnancy. Combine that with a chronic lack of sleep, and my fitness level was definitely at one of its lowest points.

Flash forward 6 months, including the last 90 days, and I can honestly say that joining Blitz was one of the best decisions of my life. I am stronger than I have been in years. I weight less than I have in more than 6 years, before I had either of my babies. But most importantly, I have acquired the tools I need to make life-long changes. I am never going back to the way I used to live.

So what is the secret? What was this 90 day challenge? I’ll tell you what it wasn’t. It wasn’t a diet plan of any kind: no shakes, no calorie counting, no points, no pre-packaged meals, no supplements (except a daily vitamin). It wasn’t a prescribed exercise regimen: no hitting the gym 6 days a week for me, no outline of what had to be done each week.

At some point early in the challenge, something inside me clicked. For this, I thank Chris at Blitz. His discussions with me about being more mindful of my activity and what I eat were so valuable. They gave me such a different perspective. All of a sudden, when I really thought about things, I wanted to move more; I wanted to eat less. It was quite something.

Through Chris, I connected with Revive Wellness, where I took “mindfulness” to a new level when Robin introduced me to EBT, Emotional Brain Training, a system that has helped me recognize when I’m feeling particularly stressed and has given me tools to deal with that stress without turning to food.

So in keeping with end of year traditions, here are the Top 10 Things I Learned Throughout My Challenge:

  1. I can do more than I think in the gym (I can’t count how many times I said “I can’t do that!” and then did)
  2. You can rewire your brain and eliminate the desire for excesses (thank you EBT!)
  3. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is key
  4. You can’t often do it alone, recruit help (child care, motivation, thank you family and friends!)
  5. You don’t need a “quick fix” to be successful (no pills, no shakes required!)
  6. Mindfulness is a brilliant thing (take time for you throughout the day)
  7. It’s about the big picture (one off week doesn’t derail everything that came before; every day is a fresh start – it’s what you do overall that matters)
  8. I can change (many times I’ve believed that was impossible)
  9. Blitz Conditioning is amazing; they are using mediums like social media and really changing people’s lives
  10. 90 day challenges aren’t the answer (90 days implies something temporary; changing your life is a life-long journey in itself)

Many people have asked me about doing a 90 day challenge, which is my reason for #10. I was looking for motivation and accountability when Chris invited me to be their next “90 day challenge” blogger. However, it doesn’t take a 90 day challenge to move more, to be mindful of your eating or to find people to be accountable too. I am thankful for the opportunity to have done this, but don’t let no “90 day challenge” hold you back from fulfilling your potential. Now that my 90 days are up, I’ll be setting new fitness goals for myself, while holding on to what I’ve learned.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. It’s been so rewarding!

Starting weight: 211 lbs (size 14/16 – more 16, who was I kidding?)

End weight: 197.4 lbs (size 12/14)

Total pounds lost: 13.6 lbs

About Chris Tse

I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.


  1. I cannot get over your presence Rose! The way you stand, what you say, that smile! What a great and dramatic mind set change I think! I am so very proud of you and excited!

  2. I was anticipating this end of 90 day blog entry but I must have missed it among the Twitter feed. So had to look for it !

    I would say congratulations on the 13. 6 lbs lost, but I really am not about the numbers. Rather congratulations on many little accomplishments. You look great (and it does show) !

    I agree that fitness is a lifestyle that can not be done alone, and can only be done with a community of likewise minds. I don’t have that with my friends outside the Blitz community as they simply are not into fitness / healthy living like I am.

    Cant wait to read an “update” blog from you ! 🙂

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