Rolling into the first few weeks.

Blitz Laptop

The first few weeks of being an official co-owner at Blitz has come and gone. I cannot believe the amount of support, congratulations and excitement that I have received from the community. I will say it time and time again – Edmonton is the only place I could make this possible and I have all of you to thank.

As you can imagine, these weeks have been filled with a lot of great conversations between Brett, Chris and I around “who we are” and “what we want to be known for”. I have learned a lot. I learned there is more passion and drive behind Blitz than I could have ever imagined and I also learned that the true backbone of our company is all of you.

I can’t say this surprised me but when we sat down to talk about Blitz and how important it is for us to strongly support our community, it hit us – we want to be known for “putting muscle in the community”. Yes – this epiphany was followed by high-fives, very proud chuckles and nods of agreement. Don’t worry, we didn’t stop at that and call it a day – we know you cannot just say something and it becomes true. We focused on “how we do this” and what that means for our business model.

We started with what we know about ourselves;

  • We are a lifestyle driven company. That means we practice what we preach and do this because we love it.
  • We are a company today because the past 5 years have been dedicated to creating an incredible experience inside and outside the studio.
  • We want to keep growing – that means giving you a reason to come back and a reason for new clients to join. This also means we need to grow internally to make sure we never stop pushing ourselves to be creative and expand.
  • Not only do we love making people sweat, help people exceed their goals, get satisfaction out of making people hate us (ref: our HIIT classes), we also love our community and it will always be a priority for us.
  • We are not and will never be a one-trick pony. We are excited to keep pushing what we offer and how we offer it. No one likes being stagnant.

Over the weeks our conversations kept coming back to our people. You have all done such an incredible job of welcoming Blitz into your lives, your fitness regimes, and your communities. We are going to make sure we share as much with you, as you have with us. This means letting you know what we are doing, whom we are partnering with, and how we are going to be even more involved. You keep coming back because we are doing something right so why not involve you in that process. Who knows – you might save us from making a few mistakes along the way.

These blogs are going to become one of the main mechanisms to share this information with you. I look forward to sharing what we, as a business, are doing to take Blitz to the next level. This starts today and it starts with every one of you that reads this.

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