Rob’s Birthday Goal

So I was contemplating about what to blog next and I thought about setting a short term fitness goal to see if I could accomplish it. I Often get caught up in a cycle of just working out with no specific goal in mind other than “to be fit”. With no specific goal set, It is easy to cheat with treats or miss a class so making gains becomes much more difficult. I set goals for work, career, finance etc but really never for fitness. This time, I want to set a short term training/eating goal, stick to it and see where I can take my fitness.
I have to laugh as I write this because what started as a 4 week training goal has now turned into a 3 week training goal. Last week, Jen went to Victoria for 4 days and my “bachelor dude” long weekend consisted of: zero exercise, lots of fast food, a boat-load of beer, late night poker, and lots of video games! Not a great start to my new goal setting plan. (it is important to note I walked out of the casino at 1:30am on Sunday morning with an additional $250 in my pocket so there was some benefit to postponing the plan)

So here we go, a nice compact 3 week training/eating plan designed to lose 3 lbs. (a pound a week) It is my birthday March 23rd so today being the 2nd makes it exactly 3 weeks. AND, what is a birthday without being able to enjoy it? I plan on having a MASSIVE cheat day on my birthday as a reward for all the hard work I plan on putting in.. A cheat day that will rival no other with burgers, pizza and most likely a bucket of KFC. (I will eat all the skin and leave the white meat for Jen)


But, to receive this awesome reward (or heart attack) I need to set out a good plan so that this grease extravaganza it is earned. 3 weeks is certainly enough time to make some solid gains and lose 3 lbs before D-day. (March 2nd – March 23rd)

Here is what I was thinking for exercise:

Monday Train with Chris
Tuesday 1 Hour run am
Wednesday HIIT Class evening
Thursday Train With Chris
Friday Hockey Shinny am + karma HIIT class evening
Saturday 1 Hour run OR HIit Class
Sunday Regular Hockey Game

To me, the hardest part of sticking to my goal will not be the training, it will be the eating. So the second part of my training goal will be to eat well 6 of the 7 days a week. On the 7th day I will gorge myself have one meal that is a little offside. Giving myself one cheat day a week will allow me to keep my sanity.

So here goes, wish me luck.

→ and to all those people with a fast metabolism — YOU SUCK!


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