Reaching my Goals and Making New Ones: Vaughn’s story

Vaughn Colour Run

When I returned from my trip to Portland I changed my health goals from just “feeling better” mentally and physically to truly becoming fit so that that I could do anything I wanted to. Sharing these goals with Paul meant my workouts got harder. The weights kept getting heavier and the exercises that seemed so daunting at first got easier only to be replaced by newer and harder ones. And happily there is no end in sight as I keep progressing in my strength and stamina. I am working up my courage to actually take one of the fitness classes at Blitz. I think I’m in good enough shape to do it but the fear of making a fool of myself in front of strangers is still with me.

And the depression that started this whole adventure? It’s still there. It will never go away completely but it isn’t ruling my life anymore. Exercise has definitely been the key to returning me back to “normal” self. And I’m more aware of when I need to do simple things like eat, sleep or exercise to improve my mood.

My health goals continue to expand.  I want to become a runner i.e. someone who loves running. I run but right now it’s more of a love-hate relationship. I’ve started training for a half marathon I hope to run in Vegas in November and I just signed up to do the Mud Hero race in August in Red Deer.  I also want to learn how to surf and kayak and maybe someday do a triathlon. The world is my fitness oyster so to speak.

I also want to find ways to eat healthier for my family and me. The food part of the healthy lifestyle is still something I struggle with, as I don’t like to cook and prefer things that are easy to grab and go.  I have strongly resisted going on a diet, counting calories, doing a food journal or anything that makes eating more of a science experiment than a pleasure. I realize that this approach wouldn’t work for everyone but for me as soon as I start telling myself that I can’t have something like say for instance a delicious brownie from the Duchess Bakery thoughts of them being to haunt every waking moment. When I switch from telling myself that I can never have them to choosing when to have one they lose their power over me. My desire for them goes away because I can have one whenever I want. My basic goals are to eat as much non-processed food as possible, eat complex carbs, make sure I get enough protein, and eat more vegetables. And if I want something that isn’t part of that plan then I eat it, enjoy it and move on.

Vaughn over 3 years

And as much as I don’t like it to be the focus I still want to lose more weight and more inches. Even though I’ve lost a lot of weight, by anyone’s definition I’m still overweight. Now increased mental and physical health are important but I admit it I’m shallow, one of my huge motivators is pretty clothes and looking good in them. Being able to buy lovely clothes in increasingly smaller sizes has been one of the best rewards of this whole adventure.

Vaughn PantsSo after a year of blood sweat and tears I am in the best shape of my life and getting better all the time. Here are the stats:

  • Lost 69 lbs.
  • Dropped 5 dress sizes.
  • Lost a total of 30 inches off my chest, waist and hips.

But what the stats can’t tell you is the way I feel and I feel pretty great. I feel like I’ve got an essential part of my life back. I feel like I can take on new challenges and look at other areas of my life that I have been neglecting. I feel like I can keep going on this fitness adventure and see what new things I can accomplish. I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be but I have faith that I will, even if it takes a while to get there.

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