Pushed to the Limits

After feeling under the weather for weeks on end, I could barely remember what it felt like to wake up in the morning and feel normal. I recently found out I was anaemic; the lack of iron in my body was depleting me of any energy and leaving me overly tired. There were so many days when getting out of bed was an overwhelming chore and I had zero motivation to perform the most minimal, everyday tasks. I would sleep all day, or vegetate on the couch watching mindless TV shows; going to the gym was completely out of the question.

It was incredibly frustrating, and I became extremely agitated stuck in my apartment. Eventually, with a little help from iron supplements and an increase of iron-rich foods in my diet – I started to feel progressively better. With a bit of energy in my system, I could make it to the gym, and walk on the treadmill; on a good day, I could lift a few light weights.

And one day, I miraculously woke up ready to take back my life. I somehow sprung out of my sloth-like mode, absolutely determined to get back to normal, be productive, and get back in shape. I went into “beast mode” that day, and got my life together. I cleaned my apartment of any signs that I’d been unproductive, sick, and completely useless. I restocked my cupboards and fridge with healthy, clean foods, and I spent hours on end at the gym everyday -switching back and forth between lifting weights and cardio.

Every thought I had, everything I did – it was all directly related to getting fit, and feeling good about myself and my body. I had spent way too long feeling gross and sick, and being overly lethargic and inactive – that needed to change.
I quickly began to see positive results from my new gym routine. I was gaining tone and definition, my muscles were starting to become more obvious. My new found motivation was working incredibly in my favour.

I was working really hard, barely allowing myself to rest; I wasn’t fully aware of how much pressure I was putting on myself. Ultimately, I pushed myself to the point of exhaustion, and eventually wore myself out.

I remember waking up on a Monday, completely exhausted. I thought it was just another case of the Mondays, and pushed through it, forcing myself through a gruesome and pitiful leg workout in the afternoon. But the exhaustion continued on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I couldn’t bring myself to workout, and I just stuffed myself with carbohydrates and sugar, hoping to up my energy levels.  I would work, then eat, and sleep, then repeat; I had little energy to do anything else.

My tone, my definition, my hard work had disappeared. I had completely diminished any productivity with my tired soul and bad habits. Eventually, I regained my strength and started all over again; the sad reality was that I had taken 1 gigantic step forward, and 2 even bigger steps back.

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way and in the future, I’ll refrain from rushing to push myself too hard, too fast. I’ve got to remind myself that it’s about reaching my goals, but not always about reaching my absolute limits.

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