Pre/Post Workout Nutrition

One of our affiliates at Blitz Conditioning, Revive Wellness, was one CTV in the Morning today and they answered some of the most popular questions we receive from our clients:

What should eat prior to a workout?

Starting off with a pre-workout meal you want to make sure that you have some carbohydrates, a little bit of protein but it is also low in fibre.  This will give you the energy you need for the workout but also not upset your stomach.

What should I eat after a workout?

After a workout you would want a combination of protein, carbohydrates and fibre.  Protein helps with repairing the muscles you hit that day, carbohydrates will help replenish the energy that expended during the workout and fibre will decrease insulin spikes.

Check out this link for some great food ideas and more information!

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