How I Plan On Staying Fit While On Vacation

In a few days, I’ll be heading to Europe for a month of travelling.  Leading up to this trip, I’ve been taken my training to newer levels so that I feel and look good while I’m on vacation; but I’m worried about how I can maintain this, along with a well balanced diet, on my trip. I don’t want to lose my momentum and return to Blitz, out of shape and behind everyone else. I’m hoping that while I travel, I’ll be able to make some healthy choices and workout as much as possible.

The best scenario while on vacation would be to meet some fellow exercise enthusiasts, but I’m not going to get my hopes up about that happening. I know my trip is going to involve a lot of walking and I’ll search out places that I can use for a workout. I’ll at least try to do some basic exercises in my room – like pushups, squats, core workouts, etc. and if there’s a nearby beach, I’ll go for an early morning run!

To make sure that I eat relatively healthy, I’ve booked accommodations with available cooking areas. This way, I can prepare my own healthy meals. When I’m sightseeing or touring around without being able to cook, I’ll look for healthier eating options and do my best to avoid eating too many tempting desserts.

I’m really hoping that I can keep up with all my goals, and return at almost the same level of fitness as when I left. I know it won’t be easy, but if I try really hard and remember how much it will suck to come back all sluggish, I’ll be able to do it! I’ll be back in a month – stay tuned to see how well I did!


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  1. danschafer says:

    Take a suspension trainer! I was in Scotland and fruit/veggies not as abundant and cheap as here! Good Luck!

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