Passion… Passion… Passion.

I truly believe that passion is what differentiates good from great. It’s not a trait that that can be taught; it comes purely from within. Passion is an internal flame that burns within people.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been amazed as I’ve witnessed the fuelled passion of people around me. My wife, Amal, just started her own business (, and I’m seeing a new side of her. She’s completely passionate about this new venture. She’s nervous and slightly on edge about the pressure of running her own business, but she’s also excited and can’t wait to see what each day brings. As her husband, I’m so happy and proud of her; it reminds me of the same great feeling I have for Blitz. When Chris and I started Blitz Conditioning, we had one thing in common. We were both full of passion, and we were completely dedicated to our community, clients, and relationships; our overwhelming passion for what we do, is what makes us successful.

Chris and I met with a wonderful person today, who we hope will soon join us on the Blitz team. I had a feeling she was going to impress us, but she exceeded my expectations. She had an incredible energy about fitness, that I haven’t seen in someone lately; this girl’s internal fire for fitness and community relationships burns intensely. Her passion gave me chills, and I walked away feeling extremely happy knowing there’s other people around that share my love of this business. The ability to surround myself with people who share my passion is a blessing, and it motivates me to keep doing what I do.

I want to thank you both for throwing a few extra logs on my fire!

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A hockey player myself, I have a passion for training hockey players and athletes so that they can achieve their goals. Read my full bio and follow me on Twitter

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