Pack Mentality Ultra!


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The 3rd Annual Pack Mentality Run will be held on Saturday December 6, 2014. This year we will do a 50 km, 25 km, and 10 km run like the first year. We’ll run the longer distances again in 2015. 

We will leave from the Kinsmen Sports Center Stairs at: 

7 am for the 50 km- Must be 4 person pack!

Two Counterclockwise loops of this course here 

9 am for the 25 km- Must be a 2 person half pack!

One Counterclockwise loop of this course here

10 am for the 10 km- Lone wolf!

Out and back on this course

The cost remains $10 a person and this year proceeds will go to our Blitz Triathlon Club, who will help run the event this year!

We’ll also have a fun post race potluck and hot chocolate awards ceremony at Blitz Conditioning (10575 115 Street NW) starting at 2 pm.

If you’d like to sign up or have any questions please fill out the following form:

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