One Workout at a Time.

41 weeks until Ironman Canada

The countdown is ON.

Its been exactly 1 month since I officially registered for the amazing race that is Ironman Canada. The whole time I was filling out my application I had this apprehensive, excited butterfly feeling. I was texting my boyfriend Jason the whole time, taking in his encouraging words and feeling pretty good about myself thinking ‘yeah I am so ready to take this on’. After I registered I couldn’t contain my excitement… holy cow this is actually happening, Im going to Whistler in less than a year and I am going to swim 4km, then bike 180km then run 42km! Sounds Great!

I have been training and thinking about it everyday since, but the other day I received a serious gut check in the form of me deciding to count how many weeks were left until Ironman, 41 weeks to go, was like a slap in the face. My first bout of real panic set in…It starts NOW is all I could think about. This is not a small race. What I found myself thinking about was- How do I want to feel on race day? And the answer was ‘ready’ and ‘relaxed’ .  Next question, how do I get there? The first answer that came to mind was ‘plan your next 41 weeks’. All I knew was that I needed a plan of attack so that the sheer volume of training doesn’t overwhelm me, and so that I have a way to check and balance myself.

The winter is the off-season for triathlon training, which means a great time to focus on those areas of your race where you need the most improvement. For me the run has always been my strongest, so my training will be focused on the swim and the bike. The swim because this is the most intimidating distance for me and the bike because its where you spend the majority of your time especially during an Ironman and so this is one area that I want to make sure I feel particularly strong.

As a trainer my schedule can be pretty erratic on the best of days which has made it hard to join a specific club for training. As a result I have opted to look into local swim groups, run groups and spin classes to keep on top of my training a bit more.  And of course team workouts 3 days a week with my Blitz team members. Training on my own has never really been an issue for me, but I do find scheduling it in helps to get it done and the company is always nice too!

My next 2 months are scheduled up with my training, and I have my training calendar on my fridge so it is front and center every morning when I go to grab my coffee. I have been marking off the workouts as I do them as an added way to keep me accountable- not to mention track my miles! I know it will be something I can look back on 41 weeks from now and be proud of all that I have done.

Until then, I will be a regular at the pool and my bike and I will become particularly close as I take it one day at a time, one workout at a time all on the road to Ironman Canada.

Whistler… Here I come.


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