Olympic Motivation

crosbyThe Olympics are happening before our eyes and I am sure there are many of you who are in awe just as I am. Not only are these athletes a pure inspiration but there is something so heart-warming about watching someone’s dream become a reality on live TV.  To see such genuine tears of joy is something that doesn’t happen often in this life.  Those tears of joy come from a place that most people couldn’t even start to fathom.  The amount of time spent practicing for their event, the hours they have put into training, the thousands of times they have envisioned themselves standing on that podium is astonishing.

Brent and myself were training at Mount Carmel Hockey Academy last week and, after what was a pretty poor effort from most, I asked the athletes what their dream was.  All of the answers revolved around hockey in some way. “To play in the NHL” a couple answered,” to win a gold a medal for Canada” a few said and of course “to hoist the Stanley Cup” was the most popular.  After asking them if they felt they had put in an effort that got them closer to their goals most of them hung their head.  They knew what they had to do to get to their goal but they chose not to do it that day.  Their effort this week will change after reminding them of their goals!

Be sure to constantly remind yourself of your goals and why you are pursuing them. Whether your dream is to play in NHL or run 5KM it is what we do today that sets us up for success tomorrow.

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