Not Starting from the Bottom Anymore

The highs and lows of a fit quest can be quite interesting.

At one point you’re flying high and you think that nothing can stop you, and then you hit an emotional wall that makes you feel like packing up your fancy tri-colour shoes. I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty positive guy so whenever I hit an emotional speed bump, I dug my head in the sand, felt ashamed and thought that I have to start all over again.  I felt like I have no choice but to start back a level one and pick a brand new character.

We live in such a disposable society where if something breaks, we throw it away and replace with something shiny and new. I think I have internalized this disposable thinking and whenever I ‘break’ physically or emotionally, I mentally check out and start all over again.

This is where I want to change.

Last week, thanks to Jessalyn King ‏@jessalynk, I had the chance to meet and listen to Mark Frauenfelder @Frauenfelder speak at an awesome event at the Edmonton Public Library. Mark’s kind of my nerd hero and he spoke about a culture of nerds, called makers, which are representing a shift of taking what’s old and making it into something radical. Aside from wanting to go and fail until I succeed (at making), I decided to apply that school of thinking to my fitness journey.

I short, I will be a maker of myself.

So how am I going to do that? Here’ are some of my goals:

Try, fail and repeat until SUCCESS!!!

Success is a by-product of failure. So I’m going to embrace my failures and improve on them to make something EVEN better.

Wake up and start my day earlier

If I stop hitting the snooze and get off my butt, I can get a HIIT or run in and then have all the time for my post-work activities like Full Frontal Nerdity!

Meal plan more often for fresher and tastier snacks

When I meal plan, I ALWAYS make too much of the same thing. The food gets all stale & soggy and then I don’t want to eat after four days. So, If I make less food, but more often, I can make better food choices and keep eating healthy.

Journal EVERYTHING I eat, including the bad stuff

So from here on in, you’re going to see pictures of the good and bad I put in my body and I am too. Sorry in advance.

And finally, the biggest takeaway for me is not to see my speed bumps or ‘breaks’ as a place to start over but as an opportunity. I am going to try and although I will fall short sometimes, in the end I’m going to make myself into something quite splendid.

Until next week fit nerds…



  1. Keighlagh says:

    Go Steve Go!

  2. I totally agree on the meal planning. I struggle with the repetitive meals as well. I started making freezer meals with some of the same core ingredients – for example, some weeks we eat a LOT of chicken, or beef – but the meals themselves are different. I also love supplementing my own freezer meals with places like Simply Supper to add some variety!

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