Nike Train Speed 4 Review: Run (Sort Of), Jump, Cut, Lift Repeat

I live my life in workout gear; from runners to merino wool tops it’s a pretty comfortable place to be. Over the past few months I have been testing the Nike Speed Training 4 shoes thanks to Sport Chek for all manners of workouts:

  • HIIT
  • Boxing
  • Parkour
  • Plyometrics
  • Callisthenics
  • Weight Lifting

All of these movements have put the shoes to their limits. I have worn a lot of cross training shoes but none that none that worked so well in all of these conditions. Typically shoes in this category are more like running shoes where they lack lateral support, or they are too rigid and do not allow the foot to move naturally. Nike has done something right in their fourth iteration of the Speed Training shoe: it’s specialized for gym workouts which involve sprinting, pivoting, lifting, jumping, and they look great too. The flywire technology allows the shoe to be quite supportive with very little amount of stiffness or structure, the cushioning felt a bit stiff but made sense for my gym workouts as I feel like I can push, pivot, and stop more efficiently on this platform. These shoes have amazing grip: they performed well on sweaty gym floors, on astro-turf, padded floors, and just and just about everything in between.

A few things to note:

  • I do have pretty wide feet but the shoe inner lining of the shoe had no issues conforming to my foot.
  • These are quite flat soles with little arch support so heads up for people who need a bit more support in this area.
  • Also as a caveat: this is not a running shoe, so don’t expect to hit long distances with them.

All in all this is a great shoe for all of my workout needs and I’d highly recommend them!

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I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.

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