New Beginnings and a Tough Goodbye.

I am not surprised that this is a tough blog to write. The past 4 years of my life have been packed to the brim for me with shock, heartache, confusion, love, new careers, amazing companies, goal setting and eventually, 2 years ago, an opportunity that led me to fulfil my true passion and realize more about myself and what I am capable of than I ever thought possible.

So much love for these boys!

So much love for these boys!

That opportunity came about over a lunch meeting in July 2012 with Brett Kirkland and Chris Tse. It started with a workout that February that thanks to Brett left me doubting, what I at the time thought was a pretty solid fitness level. Brett’s passion and the vibe I got at Blitz that day stuck with me, and that’s why I wrote Brett an email in July and we sat down to chat. It was in that moment that my life took a new turn, I was for the first time in a long time, listening to my heart and my gut and really focusing in on what I was truly passionate about and what was going to make ME the Happiest. Of course in that meeting I didn’t know for sure quite yet, but I was extremely excited when these two boys looked at me and said ‘when can you start?’. 2 months later I started at Blitz full time and I realized that this was exactly where I was meant to be! I remember my parents telling me at Christmas time that they had not seen me that happy since my first year of University! (which for the record was quite awhile ago haha).
team bumMy time at Blitz has been spent working with an amazing team of trainers, and an inspiring and kick ass community! I can honestly say that not a day has felt like work. I love what I do and I can honestly say I love every person that walks through those doors and sweats their butt off with us. I have watched so many of you crush goals, I have been inspired by you to crush some of my own! The team at Blitz has pushed me harder than I thought my body could go and I am so beyond grateful for it!

Such an awesome community!

Such an awesome community!

Why is this all in the past tense? Well because I am on my way to pursue some more goals and take on a new city! As most of you know I have had the goal of moving to Calgary for about a year and a half now. I said this spring that I would be there by December, and as luck would have it I now have an awesome opportunity that will help make that transition a lot easier. I have accepted a position at a Cycling and (soon to be) Fitness studio in Calgary! The studio is called Peloton Cycling and they are expanding their space to include a fitness facility, which is where I come in. I will be helping to create and run this space as well as manage the studio as a whole. It is an awesome new opportunity and challenge, and I am so excited about it because I have spent the time that I have at Blitz and know that I am set up for success thanks to Brett and Chris and the mentorship and guidance I have received from them as well as the rest of my team and community!
bamThis is a bittersweet transition for me for so many reasons, I teared up just writing the first sentence! And If I can’t say it enough, THANK YOU to Brett and Chris for giving me this opportunity and having faith in me from day one. Thank you to my team members for making this job even more fun and for always inspiring me with your strength of body and ability as trainers. Thank you to my lululemon community for supporting me in everything that I have taken on! Thank you to my triathlon team that pushed me and kept me accountable this past season. My personal training peeps, some of whom I see more often than my family! I am always amazed by all of your determination and wish you all the best as you continue crushing your goals and Of course the amazing Blitz community that has made my last 2 years so special, you guys all rock and I am going to miss all of your smiling faces! Ok, so no one smiles at 6am but I’ll even miss those scowls ;). . I am going to miss my community in Edmonton so much, but I hope that all of you will make a point of looking me up if you’re in Calgary ever and feel like you want a butt-kicking Amy Style for old times sake! šŸ™‚

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  1. Breanne Fisher says:

    So excited for you Amy. Will miss you – best of luck on your new adventure.

  2. Thanks for being so awesome while we had you in Edmonton. You’ll be amazing wherever you go šŸ™‚ All the best on your new adventure!

  3. Thank you for being just awesome and supportive ! I am appreciative to you for modifying all these exercises and pushing me at Blitz !

  4. Congratulations on the exciting adventures coming your way…I was checking in to begin planning my return to the morning workouts after a crazy busy summer, only to find out your smiling face and positive energy will be missing….all the best, in touching peoples lives and bringing them inspiration!

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