My Run Quest – Part One


Run BibIn 2012, I ran Melissa’s with Father after training for months.

What I submit to you are my thoughts during the race. On your marks…get set… GO!

Kilometre #1
Away we go! Man this is easy. I can run a kilometre in my sleep. I wonder if I should listen to that gal who told me to watch for vomit patches while running up a mountain???

Kilometre #2
I feel awesome. Banff is awesome… Life is awesome… These running signs are awesome… Heck, even the word awesome is awesome. Note to self… Think of another word to use to replace awesome in my vocabulary. Wait… IS THAT THE MOUNTAIN WE HAVE TO RUN UP?!

Kilometre #3
Okay… Just take it slow and steady. It’s a good burn on the old calves but this mountain isn’t half as bad as people say it- OOH Water station. Sweet nectar of the Gods. Hydration really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Kilometre #4
Happy to report that I haven’t hit any oil slicks of puke. Keeping my eyes peeled though.

Kilometre #5

Five down…Five to go…

I got to keep on trucking up this mountain… Just pretend you’re being chased by bears… Should I have trained more? I’m thinking yes… I refuse to let this Mountain get the best of me but SERIOUSLY What is up with these calves?!? It’s like they’re trying to remove themselves from my legs!

Kilometre #6

F*#k you hill and your stupid…hill…ness. I just made you my bitch! Whoot! It’s all downhill from here!

Banff is beautiful and this view is awe—inspiring! (Thought I was going to write awesome? Got ya!) I can see why thousands of people run this race each year. It’s a buffet of good life choices and people keep coming back for seconds!

Kilometre #7
This is officially the longest distance I have ever ran and my feet are certainly giving me the heads up. If my feet weren’t running right now, they would probably kick me in the face. In fact, I want to kick myself in the face for committing to this.

I’m covered in sweet and I’m probably a lovely shade of rouge. BUT I totally did a power move by taking a cup of water and pouring it down my back instead of drinking it. Yup… I’m a bad ass.

Kilometre #8
All black and long sleeves was a bad choice.

Kilometre #9
Final stretch here we go. Crossing the bridge and people are still cheering us on. HA! That one sign says I’ve been training longer than Kim Kardasian’s first marriage. Oh pop culture… you make everything better.

Kilometre #10

CLOSING THOUGHTS: In 2012 I ran farther and faster than I ever had before.

I haven’t ran that distance since but this year it’s time to change that. It’s time to lace up the shoes and run again…

Stay tuned.

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