Muscular Movemeber, and the Moustaches of Power

Strengthtober comes has come to an end and Muscular Movember is now beginning! This month we will be diving into power training, and growing moustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s health! Power training is great for most athletes to increase their speed, and ability to perform actions in their sport more efficiently.  Running faster, jumping higher, or shooting a puck harder all come from power training. As a warning: this style of training is for the more advanced, since if done improper may cause bodily harm.

If resistance training is not your thing you can also do aerobic power or sprinting! This is not Zumba or an aerobics class.  Aerobic power is doing 100-400m sprints, or VO2max training. Doing either of these types can help improve your speed, or ability to maintain a higher speed for longer. You can learn more about V02max training here.

Ask yourself what goals are you looking for while training for power?

  • What sport you play?
  • Do you want multi-effort or single-effort power?

For example: If your sport is Highlands Caber Toss then you may want to look into heavy single-effort power to help improve your abilities. If your sport is Tennis then you may want to look into light multi-effort power since there is lots of swinging the racquet compared to the single Caber Toss of the Highland games. To get what you should be doing to improve your game check it out here.

To get in on the awesomeness that is Muscular Movember just simply use the hash tag #MuscularMovemeber on Twitter, and tell us about your power exercise. On a side note we here at Blitz are doing Movemeber, and we are all growing out beautiful and powerful moustaches! So help up raise money for a great cause by clicking going to out Movember site!

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