Many Makes of Muscular Endurance

The practice of lifting weights isn’t restricted to strength gains or bulking up; lifting weights can help improve cardiovascular endurance and the way your muscles store energy when you’re training.

There are four types of endurance training:
Muscular Endurance Short (MES), Muscular Endurance Medium (MEM), Muscular Endurance Long (MEL), and Power Endurance. Each style of training has it’s own set of variables and is used to train for different goals.
MES and MEL training types incorporate timed reps, meaning you continue to perform as many reps as you’re able to in a set amount of time; these types of training styles allow you to train aerobic endurance (running, biking, swimming, etc.) and muscular endurance (resistance training) at the same time.

The MES training method is used to train for short endurance events, as it encourage fatigue tolerance and improves the use of energy stores within the muscles. The variables for this type of training are:

  • Order: specific to your goals
  • # of Exercises: 3-6
  • Reps: 30-60 seconds
  • Sets: 2-6
  • Load: 50-60% of 1RM
  • Rest: 60-90 sec
  • Frequency: 2-3 times per week
  • Duration: 2-10 weeks

The goal of MEM is to help cope with fatigue, improve cardiovascular regulations, and improve aerobic metabolism. This type of training will build up lactic acid in your muscles, which will help your body learn to work with the lactic acid build up, and become better at removing it. the variables for MEM are:

  • Order: circuit or super setting with alternating muscles groups
  • # of Exercises: 3-8
  • Reps: 30-60 at a constant tempo
  • Sets: 2-4
  • Load: 30-50% of 1RM
  • Rest: 5 min between circuits
  • Frequency: 2-3 times per week
  • Duration: 2-10 weeks

MEL is used to train people who are endurance athletes looking to help improve their lifting technique, and to help their body adapt and remove lactic acid build up. Since the body part is kept under a constant pressure for so long this will also help increase bone density a bit as well.  The variable for MEL are:

  • Order: circuit
  • # of Exercises: 4-6
  • Reps: 4-10 minutes with a constant tempo
  • Sets: 2-4
  • Load: 30% of 1RM
  • Rest: 1 minute between circuits
  • Frequency: 2-3 times per week
  • Duration: 2-10 weeks

Power Endurance is used to help maintain muscle mechanics for an extended time of repetitive power movements. This type of training is very goal specific, and should be done by people who know how to properly do power exercises. The variables for power endurance are:

  • Order: specific to your goals
  • # of Exercises: 2-3 prime movers
  • Reps: 15-30 explosive reps
  • Sets: 2-4
  • Load: 50-70% of 1RM
  • Rest: up to 5 min
  • Frequency: 2-3 times per week
  • Duration: 2-6 weeks

These are all the different types of endurance training MES, and MEL will give your body a good push and work on the cardiovascular of things as well. MEL, and power endurance are a bit more goal oriented, but if you want to give yourself a hard workout then go ahead and try them out!

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