Motivation & Dedication – 90 Day Challenge

Where does motivation come from? Why the &%$#, do I have such great motivation some days and other days the only reason I do anything is cause I have too. I know I’m not a lone in this, it is a really interesting parallel, if you don’t have motivation you might not achieve the dedication, but if you don’t have dedication even with great motivation you might not push yourself.

This week’s blog post has been tricky, not because I have nothing to say (really that just doesn’t happen to me) but because I feel like my thoughts, ideas and opinions all have been spinning, so many and so hard to concentration on one. After a lot of reflection when I break everything down, the theme that came across consistently was motivation, what motivates people to take action, with work, school, health, fitness, values and goals? I would say that I’m ambitious, driven and I work hard for many things and while doing some pretty honest self reflection, I’ve come to realize that as often as the motivation is for me, often its for others benefit as well. I will stay late or come early to ensure I do a great job and yes I do want to do a great job, but its also doing a great job for someone else.

Through my reading and research (yes, I have become obsessed with the idea of motivation) I have found that there are two kinds of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic, basically intrinsic (internal) motivation is motivation for self-satisfaction, doing something because you love it or its interests you. Extrinsic (external) is doing something because you have to (pressure, bribery, guilt, getting a reward) but how do these types of motivation affect the out come of action we want? So this is what I’ve come up with and maybe this is just me but this is what I have: motivation is the driving force (what you are doing), dedication is how you do it, the goal is the why. If you don’t have a why then really what is point of what you are doing? For me, my goal is to be healthy, have a body that is prepared to handle any challenges that come or that I give it. I want to live a life that I create, I want to run in the rain and skate in the park, I want to travel the world, have babies, and love and I want to do all of these things without pain, without discomfort and without the fear that my body will let me down. I have intrinsic motivation, the journey brings me reward and often without me even knowing it.

A question came up on my facebook when I asked about motivation, “why do some people choose not to better themselves when we have the opportunity to steer our own lives.” After some thought, I concluded, perhaps they just aren’t ready to be dedicated to that goal, that one idea that will create all the actions that follow, the disciple that comes with knowing that this goal is no longer a choice but rather a way of life and no matter what slip ups you make or what lack of motivation (driving force) you have, to achieve this goal you must face fears, disappointment, challenges and fight on and be dedicated to see it through.

Before I would wonder why my motivation disappeared, now ask myself the real question: Why am I afraid of succeeding? Why did I make that goal? Does it follow my values my beliefs? Knowing now that some days will suck and some days are hard and some days you just want to stay in bed, knowing this is what is going to give me the discipline to keep going and the dedication to honor my goal through till the end, be it health, wealth or happiness all deserve the dedication to succeed.

Dedication is work. Like any good relationship you have to work to keep it on track, to ensure you are getting what you need and want and the relationship with yourself is no different. Earlier in the week I was feeling less then motivated, reminding myself of where I had been and where I wanted to be reminded me that the new found discipline and dedication I had found was amazing and that extra support from my community gave me the motivation to get to the next level.

Ps. Writing a food journal is hard, I’m not very good at it yet.

My favourite TEDTalk – Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action – (this might seem at first glance to seem very business related, but think about it on a personal level)


I’m seeing some changes, but have work to do.


  1. Sarah, have you tried using the MyFitnessPal website or app for your food journal? I really struggled with it until I started!

    • sarahjackson says:

      I have… lol it is the best food app I’ve found, I find I’m good for a week then it peters out, but i have started using it again, one of the women in bootcamp, used it and lost tons of weight (she’s awesome).

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