Find your Perfect Balance with the Chakra System

Eastern thinking teaches that the human body is comprised of seven energetic centers called chakras. Each chakra is believed to represent its own physical mental, emotional and spiritual components and is thought to contain life lessons and challenges meant to enlighten us along our path to discovering our True Self.

The Chakra system is an archetype of individual growth through seven stages, with the mastering of each stage representing the path towards greater knowledge, self-awareness and enlightenment. These chakras are vertically aligned, spiraling their way upwards from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, indicating that as we work our way through the chakras, we are advancing towards higher consciousness and heightened spirituality.

This table is meant to offer you guys some insight into any issues you may be experiencing at the moment. Take a peek and see if anything resonates with you!

Table below adapted from Anatomy of the Spirit (1996) by Caroline Myss, PH.D.






1st / Root


Lessons related to the material world

-Physical body support-Base of spine-Legs, feet and rectum-Bones

-Immune system

-Physical family/ group safety and security-Ability to provide for life’s necessities-Ability to stand up for oneself-Feeling at home

-Social and familial law and order

-Chronic low back pain-Sciatica-Varicose veins-Rectal tumors/ cancer


Immune-related disorders


2nd / Sacral  ORANGE

Lessons related to sexuality, work and physical desire

-Sexual organs-Large intestine-Lower vertebrae-Pelvis and Hips



-Blame and guilt-Money and sex-Power and control-Creativity

-Ethics and honor in relationships

-Chronic lower back pain-Sciatica-Ob/gyn issues-Pelvic pain

-Sexual potency

-Urinary issues

3rd  /Solar Plexus


Lessons related to the ego, personality and self-esteem

-Abdomen-Stomach-Upper intestines-Liver and Gallbladder

-Kidneys and Pancreas

-Adrenal Glands


Middle Spine

-Trust-Fear and intimidation-Self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect-Care of oneself and others

-Responsibility for making decisions

-Sensitivity to criticism

-Personal honor

-Arthritis-Gastric or duodenal ulcers-Colon/ intestinal issues-Pancreatitis/ Diabetes


-Eating disorders

-Liver dysfunction


-Adrenal dysfunction

4th / Heart


Lessons related to love, forgiveness and compassion

-Heart-Circulatory system-Lungs-Shoulders and Arms

-Ribs/ Breasts


-Thymus gland

-Love and hatred-Resentment and bitterness-Grief and anger-Self-centeredness

-Loneliness and commitment

-Forgiveness and compassion

-Hope and trust

-Congestive heart failure-Heart attacks-Mitral valve prolapsed-Cardiomegaly

-Asthma/ allergies

-Lung cancer

-Bronchitis, pneumonia

-Upper back


-Breast cancer

5th / Throat


Lessons related to will and self-expression

-Throat-Thyroid-Trachea-Neck Vertebrae

-Mouth, Teeth and Gums




-Choice and strength of will-Personal expression-Following one’s dream-Using personal power to create


-Judgment and criticism

-Faith and knowledge

-Capacity to make decisions

-Raspy throat-Chronic sore throat-Mouth ulcers-Gum issues




-swollen glands

-Thyroid issues

6th / Intuition


Lessons related to mind, intuition, insight and wisdom

-Brain-Nervous system-Eyes, ears, nose-Pineal gland

-Pituitary gland

-Self-evaluation-Truth-Intellectual abilities-feelings of adequacy

-Openness to the ideas of others

-Ability to learn from experience

-Emotional intelligence

-Brain tumor/ hemorrhage/ stroke-Neurological disturbances-Blindness/ deafness-Full spinal issues

-Learning disabilities


7th / Crown


Lessons related to spirituality

-Muscular system-Skeletal system-Skin -Ability to trust life-Values, ethics and courage-Humanitarianism-Selflessness

-seeing the big picture

Faith and inspiration

-Spirituality and devotion

-Energetic disorders-Mystical depression-Chronic exhaustion that is not linked to a physical disorder-Extreme sensitivities to light, sound and other environmental factors
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