Meet the Castillo Durall Family from Tijuana, Mexico


Meet the Castillo Durall Family from Tijuana, Mexico.

Meet the Castillo Durall Family from Tijuana, Mexico.

In less than three sleeps, members of the Blitz community and their friends are going to Tijuana, Mexico to build a house. You’ve met a few members of the build team, but now it’s time to meet the family they’re helping. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Castillo Durall family of Tijuana, Mexico:

  • Oswaldo (43) – Father
  • Claudia (34) – Mother
  • Yobani (16) – Son
  • Gabriela (13) – Daughter
  • Oswaldo (12) – Son
  • Hovim (10) – Son
  • Rubi (9) – Daughter

This family of seven live  in the community of ‘Maclovio Rojas’ and live off of $100/week that Oswaldo makes at a tire change and repair shop.

They currently live in a one-room home with a roof made of tar paper and walls made of used lumber. Although they have access to electricity, a working phone and a refrigerator, the family doesn’t have a stove, a car or access to clean drinking water.  Their house is falling apart, but they’re still paying $83/month for the land it’s built upon. This family is grateful for what they have, but they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Blitzing Tijuana crew.

The trip has been in its planning stages for months and now we have names and faces to focus our energy on. The Castillo Durall’s deserve the best house that we can build and darn it all if we’re not going to build it for them! 

As Chris said in a previous blog, “our goal isn’t just to build a house; it’s to build a place where others can impact their community.” We’ve talked about this trip for a while and now it’s time to put our words into action and start building that legacy.

Stay tuned.


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