Meagan McLavish

I’ve been a part of the Blitz community for over a year, sweating it out in the group classes and pushing my fitness boundaries. I am pumped to now be joining the Blitz family as a Dietitian (disclaimer: I’m not the Food Police, I promise!). I love working with the Blitz community because I know that nutrition and fitness are each most effective when they are done together. Your active lifestyle helps me be able to maximize my impact with helping you reach your goals!

I am a Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of Alberta. I have earned a degree in Nutrition & Food Science from the University of Alberta. I’ve chosen to further pursue my passion for health with a career in Medicine and am currently in medical school at the University of Alberta. I am eager to see how I can bring my skills and values as a Dietitian to a career as a Doctor.

Why do I do what I do? Because I am passionate about empowering people. Health is empowering. Feeling healthy empowers you to be able to do whatever you’re passionate about (whether that’s being a parent, contributing in your job, working towards a fitness goal, or pursuing your favourite hobbies). This is what led me down this nutrition path in the first place – wanting to help people feel their best and reach their potential!

What should you expect when teaming up with me?

My goal is to help you reach your health goals in the most personalized way possible. I promise to meet you wherever you’re at in your health and nutrition journey, work alongside you in identifying areas for improvement and setting goals, and support you every step of the way. We will always focus on your priorities at your pace. This journey is about you and my role is to facilitate that.

I am all about helping you reach your health goals with small and sustainable changes. This means that I won’t “demonize” certain foods, nor will I recommend unrealistic or highly restrictive diets. My goal is to work with you to come up with a realistic, personalized food lifestyle (not a “diet”) that will suit your preferences, your budget, and your time. The changes that we make together will be ones that I want you to be happy about sustaining for life! Let’s create a lifestyle that you actually enjoy, rather than simply tolerate.

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