Maximizing workouts (Callie’s 90-day Challenge)

Blitz focuses on functional fitness (say that 10 times fast!) and with a decent number of workouts under my belt, I can say that it is very effective. Functional fitness is meant to mimic your everyday movements, which ends up giving you a full body workout. I know this because every muscle group on my body curses Chris the day after a workout!

I asked Chris to explain it a little better: Functional fitness attempts to mimic real life movements by activating as many muscle groups during one exercise. We try and make the body more efficient in life. The benefits are many but we also state to claim that our exercises are hybrids between cardiovascular exercise and muscle building exercises. It’s great for reduction in chronic pain, lower back pain (we increase functional core strength and improve posture). It’s great for increasing general strength.

This method works really well for me because I am currently only training twice a week. (Remember, my goals are not to be fitness pro ripped.) This challenge will only work if it’s manageable, and I’m planning on continuing this routine long after the 90 days are up, so it has to fit into my busy life. Within an hour workout, we usually do three different sets of three moves, three times.  A couple examples of exercises that work numerous muscle groups are pairing a bicep curl with lunges, or over head arm press as you come up from a squat.

I can really feel the cardio work (even though we’re not doing traditional cardio- ie. running, starimaster, or aerobics class) and my heart rate, and sweat rate, gets surprisingly high!

Challenge update:

I’m about a month into this challenge, and three notable gains are:

  • Increased energy levels.
  • Less sore after a long day at my desk.
  • Incorporating more movement into none-workout days.

These gains mean more to me than the visual results right now as they improve quality of life!

Callie D's Shoes

The more energy I feel, and the stronger my body feels, the easier it’s been to lace up my shoes and go for a short walk or bike ride where I would before feel too tired (or lazy) to do.

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