Making Fitness Permanent – The Follow Up

It’s public!  I’m committed!  Fitness as a lifestyle has taken over and permeates my very being (and let’s be honest, that just means my extra curricular calendar)!

As promised, this blog’s intention is to address some of the unanswered question from a blog initially written, what are my next steps?

So here it is, the answer to my question, and it is not all that complicated but it is a major undertaking.  I have made the commitment to train and compete in 3-4 triathlons (sprint, super sprint and Olympic distances) this summer.  There are some important things to know about why I’ve made this choice.

I have always wanted to compete in a triathlon as I think it will push my personal fitness limits.  I think that this training process will push my mental limits too.  Not just the time it takes to participate but the dedication to compete.  And I don’t just want to complete these races but I want to compete, maybe not finish top 10 but not feel as though I’m lagging behind other competitors.  I’ll never be an Olympic athlete but I do want to push myself to a high standard.

Please know this is just my perspective, I have a deep respect for people like my father who started running late in life, or who started running at a heavy weight and keep pushing their activity levels.  For my father, he aims to complete and I couldn’t be any more proud of his accomplishments.  Actually, when I spoke to him about sharing a bit of his story he corrected me saying he does compete.  He may not compete to be at the front of the pack but he competes to lower his personal bests each time he goes out to race.  He is approaching his 60s and has lost 100lbs in the last decade.  He will race with me in Canmore and I look forward to sharing in his joy as he crosses the line.  So please, if you are unsure if you can start getting fit because of your age, your weight or your fitness level, just start! You can do this!

The other large mental hurdle is to compete in an individual sport rather than playing on a team.  There is no one else on the course for me to pass a ball to, to run along side me, and to be my teammate.  This will be a challenge, just me alone with my mind pushing myself in the pool, on the bike and during the run.  I’m not sure if that would be daunting task for you but it is for me.  Historically, I’m a team player not a stand alone athlete.

8 weeks progress Feb 2013

So what will this journey look like and what exactly am I trying to accomplish?  Well, here are the races I’m enrolled in and the rationale for competing in them.

Race 1: Subway Coronation Triathlon – May 26, 2013

1000m swim – 26km cycle – 8km run

Race 2: Summerside Triathlon – June 16, 2013

1500m swim – 40km cycle – 10km run

Race 3: Canmore Triathlon – July 27th, 2013

500m swim – 20km cycle – 5km run

Race 4: Pushor Mitchell Apple Triathlon (Kelowna) – August 18th, 2013

1500m swim – 40km cycle – 10km run

Here’s how my logic works.  The Apple Tri in Kelowna is my goal race.  I’ve never competed in a triathlon so why not start with a Super Sprint (75% of the distance for an Olympic Tri) and then three weeks later compete in a full Olympic and get a gauge for my ability, preparation, and times.  This will allow me to get my distances up, my speeds down and my placement in the field high – or so I hope.  Then I’ll travel to Canmore to compete in a Sprint in the mountains and with course elevation changes that could be similar to Kelowna.  It’s not easy to train for mountain climbs in the rolling hills of central Alberta.  Kelowna is the final destination a few weeks later.  I want to head there in advance to train on the course in preparation for the race.

I’ve been training since early January and have increased my distances in all disciplines but the next blog will be how the progress is going, how I’m doing maintaining a heavy training schedule, and about my dedication versus motivation mindset.

If you’re interested in training for a triathlon as well this summer please get in contact with Amy Coppens at Blitz Conditioning and join our efforts to prepare for our races.



  1. Incredible work Josh!

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